10 NBA Eastern Conference All-Star Team Predictions

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This years NBA All-Star weekend is quickly approaching. February 15 the All-Star game will take place at the Madison Square Garden in New York. With the game being so close it’s only right that we weigh in on some predictions of which players should be there. Fans, coaches and players vote for who they want to see represent their conference. Voting Started December 11 and ends on January 19, which means their isn’t a lot of time before the rosters for the Eastern and Western conference teams are finalized. The east is not as strong of a conference but there are some solid players that will make the game interesting. Her are the top prospects for the east.


Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose entered the league and was a must watch player. He suffered a severe knee injury that kept him on the bench for a few seasons. Fans almost didn’t believe he was coming back, but Rose once again, enter the court. His playing style is different from before. Rose stays by the perimeter popping shots instead of taking it to the hoop with his speed and agility. He averages 17 points a game, 3 rebounds and 5 assist a game so far this This isn’t the Derrick Rose people are happy with and he is not as good as pre-injury Rose but he’s still pretty good. He is a front runner for a starting spot this year for the NBA East All-Star team.

Dwanye Wade

Dwyane Wade has been a quiet threat this season. A hamstring injury cost him seven games in November, but he’s been healthy otherwise. In eight December games, he’s averaged 21 points a game. Nothing out of the usually for D Wade. Wade’s younger days are gone and that is evident by the lack of 30 point games and the multiple trips to the foul line per game. His body isn’t as fresh as it used to be but the fans still feel he is All-Star material. Last year he was voted for 929,000 times, more than any other guard in the East.

LeBron James

What can we say King James is the ultimate candidate for a starting All-Star roster spot. The only thing that will prevent him from playing in this All-Star game is an injury, but he’s been very healthy. This years stats for Lebron is nothing unlike King James. He averages 25 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists, and 1.5 steals per game. He is basically a shoe-in for a starting position. This will be King James’ 11th All-Star game in a row out of his 12 year career. Last year James received the most votes of all the players in the NBA. Give the people what they want.

Chris Bosh

If Chris Bosh is voted on the Eastern All-Star team the big three, will be re-united. Bosh has proved to the Miami Heat and to NBA fans that he can produce numbers without LeBron James. With James gone, Bosh is flexing his superstar muscles, posting a 22.5 player efficiency rating. Bosh is hitting an average 21 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assist, 1 steal and 1 block per game. He is proving to be a dominating player in his own right. If he makes the roster this will be Bosh’s 10th consecutive all-star appearance.

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony in the All-Star game is something most people would like to see. Carmelo has had a big fan base, even back with the Denver Nuggets. Last year he was the third most voted for player. He is now the star of the New York Knicks, who seem to always have trouble winning.  This year All-Star weekend will be held in New York and the All-Star game will be game held at Madison Square Garden, Carmelo’s home court. I’m pretty sure New York Knicks fans would love to see Carmelo in the All-Star game at home. He scores 23 points per game and averages 7 rebounds and 3 assist. This would be his sixth year in a row participating in the All-Star game.

John Wall

John Wall is the undisputed leader of a team very near the top of the Eastern Conference. He is averaging about 10 assists and 17 points per game in his best overall season so far. John Wall is a true point guard, he makes the rest of the team better. Some will say he deserves the starting point guard position ahead of Derrick Rose, but most likely he will have to settle for a backup spot. Either way he needs to be on the team.

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is a rising star in the NBA helping keep the Chicago Bulls one of the most dominant teams in the east. He is in route to a max contract this summer. Jimmy Butler has been the Bulls’ best overall player. He has a phenomenal defensive game with more scoring punch which has made the Chicago shooting guard into one of the most complete threats in the game. He averages 22 points a game along with a few assist, rebounds and a steal. Expect to hear more about Jimmy Butler if you haven’t already.

Kyle Lowry

The NBA All-Star voting is not snub proof. This was evident last year when the Toronto Raptors’ point guard, Kyle Lowry was not added to the roster. This year his numbers should land him a spot atleast on the bench. He has been able to step up tremendously after teammate DeMar DeRozan tore his groin muscle. Averaging 20 points, 7 assist, and 1 steal a game is Lowry’s way of trying to secure a spot on the roster in what would be his first All-Star game. The fact that the East is a grossly inferior conference from a talent perspective also helps.

 Jeff Teague

For the sixth year in a row, Jeff Teague has increased his scoring average. That fact alone is enough to put him on the All-Star team for the eastern conference. Along with his scoring average increasing Jeff Teague has fully stepped into a leadership role for the Atlanta Hawks. Especially with Al Horford still not at 100 percent after two pectoral injuries. The Atlanta Hawks are one of the best teams in the eastern conference. They are in third place in the conference currently.

Pau Gasol

From the West to the East Pau Gasol is still an All-Star caliber player. Though his lack of mobility often hurts him against other bigs, Pau’s defensive game has gotten better than when he was with the L.A. Lakers. He has put up per-game averages of 19.0 points and 11.9 rebounds, remaining a dominant force on the boards and an excellent passer. Despite his age Pau looks like he is ready for an extra game.

Kevin Love

The Cleveland Cavalier’s have a pretty decent team this year. With LeBron at the wheel leading the team other players like Kevin Love are getting their time to shine. The Cleveland power forward has an average of 17 points and 10 rebounds a game. He isn’t a star player but he definitely has proven him self to be a great role player. Kevin Love would be a great asset off the bench for the East All-Star team.

Kyrie Irving

Another Cleveland Cavalier, Kyrie Irvin is still struggling to adjust to a secondary role. He now has the added responsibility of becoming more of a defensive player. There has been signs of growth and the team seems to be meshing well.  The more Irving continues to build chemistry with James, the more his production and efficiency should continue to rise. He still averages 20 points, 5 assist and 1 steal per game, but it will be a real battle for him to get on the All-Star roster.