15 Athlete’s WAGS Hot Enough To Be In The Next SI Swimsuit Issue

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Being a professional athlete comes with a lot of perks. The fame, the money, the exclusivity of being a celebrity appears to be really fun. Professional athletes also get the cream of the crop when it comes to women. Their status puts them in reach of the most gorgeous and exotic women most of us have ever seen. Some athletes like to date as many women as possible, just to see what they’re all like. Other athletes find “the one” and are happy with sharing their life with them. Either way their wives and girlfriends are usually great arm candy and worthy of a magazine shoot. These are the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes we would like to see in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Sasha Dindayal  Antonio Gates is currently the tight end for the San Diego Chargers. He is also married to his gorgeous wife Sasha. The couple married in 2011 at a beautiful and luxurious ceremony in San Diego. Sasha is a former video vixen and is one of the most beautiful NFL wives by far. It would be great to see her in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She undoubtedly looks great in a bikini.

Colleen Crowley  Johnny Manziel was one of the most sought after football players after his time at Texas A&M. It’s only right if you’re Johnny football that you have a hot girlfriend. He is dating the stunning Colleen Crowley, who studied at Texas Christian University located in Fort Myers Texas. Crowley is a beauty that is a beer chugging expert who like to party. Colleen is a fun loving, intelligent and hot girl. I’m pretty sure Manziel would be proud if his girl appeared in the SI Swimsuit Issue.

Talor Reazin Patriots wide receiver and kickoff returner Danny Amendola is good at catching the football and at catching hot girls. His current girlfriend, Talor Reazin is an example. The couple have been dating since 2013 and have been very good at keeping their relationship under the radar. We know Talor is a beautiful model. Appearing in the SI Swimsuit Issue could be a reality for her.

Kasey Trione  Kasey Trione is a straight up Louisiana chick. She is very open when it comes to posting photos of her and her football player boo, Lance Moore to social media sites. The aspiring model has been in bikini campaigns and is known as a sultry sweetheart. The one time “shot” girl at nightclubs is now rumored to be pregnant. We will have to wait for the baby to come before being able to see Kasey in the swimsuit issue, but she’s so hot, we can wait.

Leila Lopes  Leila Lopes is an Angolan actress, pageant queen and model. She is also the wife of former defensive end for the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons, Osi Umenyiora. This incredible beauty studied business management in England and has won Miss Angola 2010 and Miss Universe 2011. With those pageant titles to her name, it’s safe to say that Lopes is comfortable strutting her stuff in a bikini.

Marisa Ventura  Jermaine Kearse is a lucky guy for taking Marisa Ventura off the market. She is an absolute beauty. The model has been dating the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver for a little while and there are claims that their relationship is transcending to marriage. Marisa has modeled for Nike, Eddie Bauer, Nordstrom and Lululemon. A spread in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue sound like something she would be interested in.

Hannah Stocking  Klay Thompson was in a long term relationship with his ex-girlfriend Sheila Singh, but he shook off that relationship rather quickly. The Golden State Warriors star is now dating social media sensation Hannah Stocking. Stocking has gained fame through modeling on Instagram, where she has amassed more than 700,000 followers. Get a spot in a SI Swimsuit Issue will do wonders for her career.

Jennette McCurdy This relationship was short lived but it is definitely one of the most intriguing relationships on the list. A former Disney star and a professional basketball player together seems weird and I guess that’s why Jennette McCurdy and Pistons starting center, Andre Drummond didn’t work out. Jennette McCurdy played Sam on the Disney show iCarley. She is all grown up now and she is hot. A spot in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue wouldn’t be a bad next step for her career, now that she is an adult.

Melanie Pimentel Portland Trail Blazer, Nicolas Batum is married to fashion pioneer and entrepreneur Melanie Pimentel. The Batum’s met while living in France, but moved to the United States to support Nicolas’s career. Melanie is no house wife though. While living in Portland, she pioneered a new line of shoes and opened up a beauty bar. Beauty and brains, now we see why Nicolas fell for her.

Robyn Crowley   Dallas Mavericks small forward Chandler Parsons is currently dating Robyn Crowley, an aspiring sports writer. Robyn Crowley is also the sister of the previously mentioned Collen Crowley who dates Johnny Manziel. Being a sports writer she would have to be surrounded by professional athletes all the time so, her being with Parsons is not far fetched. Robyn enjoys vacationing with her boyfriend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where she wears lots of bikinis.

Dylan Gonzalez   Dylan Gonzalez has been dating New Orleans Pelicans player Anthony Davis since May of 2013. As a result of being with Dylan, Davis’s game began to improve. Dylan could be considered his good luck charm. It could also be that Dylan is a great training partner as she is a star of the UNLV women’s basketball team. She was nominated as a McDonald’s All-American Player in in the same year her and Davis hooked up. Dylan is very pretty and has a body that most women would kill for.

Emily Greinke  Zach Greinke is the pitcher for the LA Dodgers and he is the husband of a hot wife, Emily Greinke. The two met in high school and have been together for ten years now. Hailing for Daytona Beach, Florida, Emily is no stranger to putting on a bathing suit and soaking up the sun. At the age of 18 she became a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. I don’t think posing in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue would be too much for Emily.

Lisalla Montenegro  I guess one of the ways to get a hot wife is to be a pitcher in major league baseball. C.J. Wilson is the pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. He also married the extremely gorgeous Lisalla Montenegro, Brazilian model. Lisalla is signed with Maybelline and has done lots of lingerie, underwear and bikini photo shoots before. A spot in the SI swimsuit issue would be a great thing to see.

Kim DeJesus On this list there are a few of the Instagram girls that we just don’t know much about. We can guess that they’re aspiring models or actresses. One thing that they do have in common is that they’re really hot. Kim DeJesus is an example. Kim’s Instagram is full of pictures of her looking sexy in lingerie and basically anything else she puts on. MLB outfielder, David DeJesus made it a mission to marry her. They two now have one son.

Sam Cooke Soccer players seem to have it all. International fame, a boat load of money, and extremely hot girlfriends. Their isn’t much for Manchester United player Chris Smalling to complain about. His girlfriend Sam Cooke already has experience posing in front of the camera while wearing swimsuits. She would be a natural for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.