15 Fail Photos Of Female Athletes

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Athletes of all kinds are fine tuned machines. They train year in and year out too make sure their bodies perform at their peaks. No matter how hard athletes train or prepare their is always the possibility that they can make a mistake. Those mistakes can often be a source of entertainment for spectators. Female athletes are no exception to the rule. Sometimes they can experience the worst type of fails and embarrassment. Injuries, wardrobe malfunctions or involuntary body functions at the wrong time, these ladies will have a hard time living with these fails.

Embarrassing Bikini Tan Lines Professional swimmers love to be in the water. They can always be found by a pool. Some swimmers even head out to the beach. While competing they wear one piece swimsuits. When they are frolicking on the beach they opt for sexier bikinis like this swimmer did. What she did not realize was that tan lines are more visible the more time you spend in the sun. At this swim meet the crowd knew she spent a significant amount of time out of the water.

Pissed Her Self While Lifting Weight lifting is a strenuous sport and has a lot of competition. It requires almost every muscle and part of your body to be fine tuned and in shape. This lifter might want to work on on her bladder control a little more. While trying to dead lift, her bladder decided to release and she urinated all over the mat. At least that’s all she did.

Gillian Cook Splits Her Body Suit  Gillian Cooke is a bobsledder from Scotland. She won a gold medal in the 2009 FIBT World Championships at Lake Placid. The following year she at the same competition in St. Mortitz she experienced one of the most embarrassing fails that can happen to anyone. While preparing to go on a run, her race suit split open exposing her hind quarters. It didn’t help that this was a televised event and her butt was on millions of televisions. Thanks to YouTube that moment in her life will forever be preserved.

Ekaterina Borisovna Rubleva Nip Slip  Many of you may not have heard of Ekaterina Borisovna Rubleva before now, unless you are an avid fan of figure skating. Ekaterina Borisovna Rubleva was a Russian competitive ice dancer. She had a prosperous career, winning quite a few medals and representing her country at many international events. Along with those medals Ekaterina will also be known for her nip slip. While performing with her partner, Ekaterina’s dress malfunctioned exposing a breast. Like a true professional she continued her routine unphased.

LFL Wardrobe Malfunctions  The lingerie Football League is exactly what is sounds like. It’s a women’s seven on seven full contact football league. Instead of wearing regular football uniforms, they wear boy shorts and bras. You can only imagine how many wardrobe malfunctions happen in a season. Images like the one above happen frequently and probably is the reason why the leagues ratings are high.

Rosa Mendes Wardrobe Malfunction  Wrestling is not just a mans sports. Women have been grappling in the ring for years now and have just as many fans and viewers as the guys. It could be because they’re serious wrestlers or because they are extremely hot. Either there are instances where embarrassment occurs. Rosa Mendes knows this well. During a main event match, Mendes’ opponent, Layla, grabbed a handful of her shorts and pulled them down, revealing Mendes’ entire rear.

Jennifer Pinches Slips On Balance Beam Jennifer Pinches is a gymnast hailing from the United Kingdom. She currently attends UCLA where she is a member of their gymnastics team. Pinches also competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. One of the most popular events in gymnastics is the balance beams. Balance is the most essential skill that a gymnast could have and the balance beam puts that to the ultimate test. unfortunately, Pinches failed that test and was left hanging like such.

Synchronize Swimming Fail  Synchronized swimming is considered a sport, an odd one, but a sport nonetheless. A group of women in sequinned rainbow-colored swimming costumes bobbing up and down, in and out of the water sounds as like it could be free from embarrassment. Well, that is not the case. When orchestrating intricate designs in water only using your body things could go wrong. You could slip, catch a cramp or get kicked in the crotch. No matter, male or female and swift kick in the crotch is extremely uncomfortable.

Water Polo Chick Nip Slip Water polo is like a cross of soccer, swimming and well, polo. It is a serious sport for serious athletes. You body has to be in tip top shape to participate. The uniforms consist of swimsuits and a special water cap that protects you head. There is no part of the uniform that protected this player from being exposed. Her face really sells this fail. This is obviously the first time it happened to her.

Balance Beam Strike Again  The balance beam strike again. Gymnast all over the world fear the balance beam and with good reason. A slim stationary beam has caused many people to fall and sometimes hurt them selves. This gymnast seems to be acquainted with the hardships of the balance beam all to well. How did she even end up in the air like that? Whatever the reason I’m pretty sure her performance didn’t end well.

Anais Morand Takes A Tumble  Everyone trips and falls. It occurs often in life, but it may happen to you more frequently if you are on ice skates. Figure skaters are seen as graceful and fluid in their movements. It only takes the slightest bump or wrong step to fall to the ice feet up. No one knows this better than Swiss figure skater Anais Morand. Here you see here at her absolute worst on the ice. You can tell by her face that this is probably one of her greatest fears.

Bottoms Up Gymnast do all kinds of flips, spins and twirls in the air. The whole objective though is to land on their feet. As we already know from previous entries on this list, that doesn’t always happen. Gymnast can end up landing on their backs, butts, knees and even their sides sometimes. This Chinese gymnast landed on the complete opposite of her feet. She landed on her head some how. You can see the pain on her face.

Vania Stambolova Misses Hurdle Track and field athletes are some of the most fit athletes in the world. All they do is run and jump. It sounds like the most simple sport to be involved in. Think again. One of the most difficult events are the hurdles. Bulgarian hurdler Vania Stambolova knows that the hurdles are no joke. During the 2012 London Olympics couldn’t get past the first hurdle without falling. Need less to say, she didn’t make it to the semi-finals.

Volleyball Fail  Volleyball is a pretty interesting sport. Whether it’s played on a beach or in a gym, players have to be on their toes. To be a good volleyball player you must have good reflexes and hand-eye coordination. This girl seems to have none of those qualities. It’s hard to tell if her face is turning red from embarrassment or the impact of the ball. Kudos to the photographer for catching this moment.

Softball Fail Baseball, softball, whatever you want to call it, is considered America’s Favorite past time. Little kids to adults play the game and know how much fun it is. They also know how dangerous it can be. There is always the possibility of getting hit by the ball or running into each other trying to catch a pop fly. These girls know how the latter feels. It seems that the ball is still in play as well.