15 Female Athletes Who Could Hold Their Own At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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It is no secret that Victoria’s Secret is one of the most successful and sexiest companies around. They are driven by the purpose to make women feel sexy and comfortable. Every year Victoria’s Secret has a fashion show that attracts all the elite designers and taste makers in fashion. It also attracts the biggest and most beautiful models to wear their lingerie. Recently the question came up, what if female athletes modeled for Victoria Secret? Here is a list of female athletes who could hold their own at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Ana Ivanovic Ana Ivanovic is a world class tennis player form Serbia. She is currently ranked number six women’s tennis player in the world. In 2008 she was ranked number one. She is one of the very few players to beat Venus and Serena Williams. Ana is also one of the sexy tennis players to grace the court. Seeing her on a Victoria’s Secret run way would be a pleasant surprise.

Sophie Horn  Sophie Horn is a professional golfer who so happens to do a little modeling on the side. She has been golfing since she was a little girl. She is a certified professional trainer and has can give you advice and tips to improve your golf game. Sophie is without a doubt the sexiest golfer on the green. She is no stranger to posing in front of the camera wearing lingerie so walking in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show would be perfect for her.

Stacy Keibler  Stacy Keibler is an actress, model, dancer and cheerleader. What she is most famous for is being a WWE Diva. She is known for her long legs which help her land modeling gigs. Stacy has appeared in Maxim and Stuff magazines. I think her legs would be a wonderful addition to a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Anastasia Ashley Surfer chicks spend most of their time in bikinis and in the water. Anastasia Ashley is a perfect example of that. She has her sea legs and run way legs. Anastasia occasional moon lights as a fashion model. She appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2014. Considering that she has experience modeling and she is use to wearing close to nothing, VS should give her a shot.

Alana Blanchard It seems that women who surf have a monopoly on good looks. Alana Blanchard rides the waves for a living and she is pretty good at it. Blanchard took first place in short board at the 2005 T&C Women’s Pipeline Championships and other competitions. When she is not in the water she is designing and modeling her Rip Curl swimwear.

Michelle Jenneke Michelle Jenneke has a bubbly personality as we seen when she did a little dance to warm up before running a race in 2012. She is a track star from Australia who is just as cute as she is fast. Michelle is 22 years old and full of life. She definitely would be able to hold her own on the runway and may steal the show with her dance moves. First she would have to walk the run way and not run it.

Anais Zanotti Hailing from France, Anais Zanotti is a stunt woman and model. She is also a certified skydiver and has turned the event to a sport with over 1000 jumps. When Anais is not jumping out of planing and floating back down to earth she is modeling in bikinis on the beach. She would be a lovely sight at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Anna Kournikova Anna Kournikova is a retired tennis player, but she was one of the most famous tennis players to step on a court. The blonde, Russian bombshell is now 34 years old and is still one of the best looking women to enter a room. Anna’s looks launched her celebrity status and landed her many endorsement deals, movie appearances and magazine features. Victoria’s Secret should seriously consider adding Anna Kournikova to the line up.

Lindsey Vonn Lindsey Vonn is not just the women who dated Tiger Woods after the cheating scandal. She is a world class athlete. Vonn is an alpine ski racer. She competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics winning a gold and a bronze medal. Besides being super fast on the slopes, Vonn is also hot. I’m pretty sure she will put the skis up to walk in a Victoria Secret fashion show.

Sydney Leroux I personally would love to see Sydney Leroux on a Victoria’s Secret runway. Leroux is a member of the U.S. women’s soccer team. She was born in Canada, but went to college at UCLA. There she began playing for the U.S. nationals team in 2008. She was apart of the team during their 2012 London Olympics gold medal victory. Sydney is simply gorgeous and her unique tattoos will add some flare to the runway.

Leryn Franco Not too many people pay attention to the javelin throw event during track and field events. Leryn Franco can change that single handedly. Leryn has competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the javelin throw. She didn’t win any medals but she did win the attention of many people including Sports Illustrated. In 2011 she appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She also was a 2006 runner-up for Miss Universo Paraguay. A Victoria’s Secret fashion would not be out of her league.

Kim Glass Volleyball players don’t get enough recognition, so here’s one for them. Kim Glass is an indoor volleyball player and model. She joined the U.S. national team back in 2007 and made it to the 2008 Beijing Olympics where she won a silver medal. Kim Glass may not be a well known athlete, but if she is at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, she’ll become a well known model.

Maria Sharapova is the third tennis player to make this list and the second one from Russia. She us currently ranked number 4 in the world. She is one of 10 women who hold a career gland slam. She also earned a silver medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Sharapova also dabbles in the modeling business. She is no stranger to being in front of the camera in a bikini so strutting her stuff in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show shouldn’t be a bug deal for her.

Liz Gorman Who is better to wear lingerie in a Victoria’s Secret fashion than a lingerie league football player? Liz Gorman is a member if the Los Angeles Temptation in the Lingerie Football League. Just because this league is for women to wear lingerie, doesn’t mean it is not competition. These chicks go hard. Liz Gorman is one of the best winning multiple Defensive Player or the Year awards and All-Star accolades. It’s hard to take your eyes off her especial when she wears her uniform or lack there of.

Roxy Louw Roxy Louw is a name that you should get acquainted with because she is extremely hot. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, she is the daughter of rugby legend Rob Louw. Roxy played hockey as a child but stopped when she began to surf. She was 17 years old when she turned pro when Oakley America signed her as a team rider. She also moon lights as a model and appear in a Sport Illustrated swimsuit issue. Needless to say Roxy has the looks and the body to turn heads at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.