15 Funny Athlete Yearbook Pictures

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High school is the most awkward and shameful time of most people lives. It’s a time when you make mistakes and begin to figure your self out. While some people would like to forget those four years of their lives, other wish they could go back to them. The high school year book picture can tell a lot about a persons high school experience. Athletes have some of the funniest yearbook pictures. Most of them look completely different from the way we see them. It’s safe to that the athletes on this list didn’t peak in high school but their year book picture may haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Tom Brady  Super Bowl champ, Tom Brady looked more like a lounge singer in his high school year book picture. He has a slick comb over and the pearliest white teeth. He embodied the pretty boy quaterback stereotype. Try to make sense of the his caption. “If you want to play with the big boys, you have to learn to play in the tall grass.” Now we see why he’s a football player and not a philosopher.

Tony Romo If you showed this picture to somebody who knows nothing about football and said this guy will one day grow up to break the hearts of Dallas Cowboys fans, they would likely say, “yeah, probably.” The first problem with this photo is that it look more like a photo you use to get a modeling or acting gig. Rome has one of the worst haircuts ever. The yearbook committee that approved this photo is at fault just as much as Romo is for taking it.

Derek Jeter Derek Jeter graduated from high school in 1992 and he did it with a mullet. Where mullets still a thing then? I don’t agree with the sweater either. It’s very distraction from Jeter’s gopher like smile. Good thing he has a few World Series, and a MVP under his belt. That will counter the haunting effect of this high school yearbook photo.

Kobe Bryant  Kobe Bryant just looks sad and spaced out in his yearbook picture. Kobe graduated from Lower Merion High School in Philadelphia and went to the league right after. He had the option to go to college with a SAT score of 1080/1600. He even took singer Brandy to the prom with out making an embarrasing video on Youtube. So why does he look so depressed? I guess he didn’t know he would be one of the greatest athletes in the world.

Blake Griffin I guess a haircut wasn’t in the plan for Blake Griffin when he took his yearbook picture photo. He has a mini fro that is shaped weird. His hairlne is staggering. Even his tie is crooked. At least the half smirk, half smile indicates that he’s happy to get out of high school. Thank goodness he decided to do something with that hair though.


Aaron Rodgers Where do a begin with this one? Aaron Rodgers should sue whoever leaked this photo on the internet. It’s another case of a bad haircut. Rodgers is sporting bangs. I thought that was just a womens hairstyle. He is wear his varsity jacket decorated with many patches to let everyone know he was always good at football. The jacket and the haircut together just makes him look like a Varsity Blues reject.

Robert Gronkowski Rob Gronkowski has been known to have a real good time during the off season. He is also known as a ladies man. If you look  at his yearbook picture you could guess that Gronk was a bit of a trouble maker. He has wild hair and a mischievious smirk, the look of someone who cut a class or two. If his life was anything like the movie American Pie, Gronk would easliy be pegged for the Stifler of his high school.

Marc Gasol  Marc Gasol looks nothing like the younger version of himself now. He was still tall, but he was more on the chuncky side. It’s a little awkward to compare the two versions because they look so different. Young Marc looks like he could have been an actor in an Air Bud movie. Older Marc is a few pounds lighter and looks like a mountain man.

Barry Bonds Barry Bonds had the jheri curl juice dripping through the photo. Bonds graduated for high school in ’82 so jheri curls were acceptable then, but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at them now. Bonds was cheesing so hard in this photo. He obviously didn’t have no clue that his career would be tainted with scandals. This pictures can remind him of more happier times. I wounder if he still has that giant bow tie.

Reggie Bush  Reggie Bush has the serious case of the blues in his high school yearbook picture. It may be due to the shirt that he’s wearing. Reggie Bush graduated high school and went on to be one of the best running backs USC has ever seen. He was drafted to the NFL by the New Orleans Saints and won a Super Bowl with them. He can even say he had Kim Kardashian.

Ben Roethlisberger A 2000 high school graduate, Ben Roethlisberger’s yearbook picture is something you can really laugh at. This picture wouldn’t suggest that football would be Big Ben’s career path. That shirt and ugly tie makes him look like an accountant or an insurance sales man. Sorry to say, this picture also makes him look like the guy in the office with one or two sexual harassment complaints against him.

Kevin Durant  The real MVP is the person who put this photo on the Internet. Kevin Durant now and Kevin Durant in high school have too much in common. Durant is still skinny and he still has the same haircut. In this picture the only differences are the facial hair which he has now and the smile. Durant often looks a little upset in majority of his photos. It’s weird to see him so happy in this picture.

Chris Bosh  Chris Bosh already gets ragged on for his looks by the good people of the internet. I can only imagine what high school was like for him. Maybe it wasn’t that bad considering he was a star athlete. This yearbook picture screams “ball is life”. Going for the student-athlete theme, Bosh is poses in uniform with a basketball in the library. This picture proved that Bosh had to make in basketball because a modeling career just wasn’t there.

DeSean Jackson Wide Receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, DeSean Jackson seems like a cool guy that likes to have fun. In his high school yearbook picture DeSean Jackson looked like anything but a fun person to be around. He looked down right mean. Growing up in Long Beach, California that might have been the reason for his mean mug or he could have just had a bad day.

Michael Phelps Michael Phelps looks like the biggest nerd to come out of Towson High School in Towson, Maryland. He has that God awful haircut with hair covering his forehead. The haircut couldn’t hide those giant ears of his though. There is no way Phelps was a cool kid in school. That doesn’t matter now, Phelps has Olympic gold medals which no one else in his graduating class can say, now that’s cool.