15 Hilarious Sports Wardrobe Malfunctions

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Sports apparel companies make millions of dollars each year for selling sports gear. Athletes get millions of dollars for endorsing these products. If you are really good at your sport you can get your own shoe, hoodies, or even an entire sports apparel line. Each sport has its one type of gear and fashion. They also have wardrobe malfunctions sometimes. It can be as small as a tear in a uniform, or an exposed nipple.  Sometimes these malfunctions can happen unexpectedly, they can be caused by negligence, or they could happen on purpose. Either way they happen and here are some of the best sports wardrobe malfunctions.

WWE Live Sex Celebration The WWE Divas are some of the sexiest women in sports entertainment. Almost every night they enter the ring wearing tight skimpy clothing showing off their bodies. One night, Lita, one of the hottest WWE Divas showed more of her self than anticipated. It was all part of Edge’s ‘live sex celebration’, which was held the night after he defeated John Cena for his first ever WWE championship win. This segment should have been simply done as both Edge and Lita under the covers implying they were doing the ‘wild thing’. The entire arena and the people watching on TV got a nice look at Lita’s boob when the cover slipped.

Donyell Marshall Donyell Marshall had been sitting on the bench for so long that his jersey fused with his warm-up suit. That’s not what really happened. While playing for the Cleveland Cavalier’s, Marshall was so excited to get in the game that he pulled his jersey off with his warm up. He was going to play the game with out his jersey until the referee allowed him to put it on before continuing the game.

Jenifer Benitez A perfect example of a rookie mistake from this young Spanish diver. Jenifer Benitez was 19 years old at the time of the 2008 Bejing Olympics. After her dive, she decides to make some swimsuit adjustments and briefly exposed a nipple. It’s the Olympics there’s going to be cameras everywhere and they caught the brief nudity for millions to see.

Paul Pierce “Pantsed” by Ron Artest This is classic Ron Artest back when he was with the Indiana Pacers and known as Ron Artest, not Metta World Peace. While guarding Paul Pierce who was on fire, Artest realized that his traditional methods of playing defense were not working. So he decided to pull a stunt and actually pulled Pierce’s shorts down. That didn’t work either, Pierce, undeterred proceeded to nail a three in his face.

Steve Lyons  What can we say about Steve Lyons? His colorful personality earned him the nickname “Psycho.” That pretty much sums him up in one word. During a game in Detroit against the Tigers Lyons slid head first to first base. He got up and dropped hit pants in front of the whole crowd to brush the dirt off. Needless to say, Steve couldn’t cut it as a player and has been a part of many controversies as a broadcaster. Back in his playing days, he exhibited a brain fart by pulling his pants down in front of a stadium full of people.

Ricky Berens  Moments before Ricky Berens was to swim as the third person on a freestyle relay, his suit burst open on the backside. With the U.S. team trying to qualify for the finals at the Rome FINA World Championships, there was no time to change.  Berens did what every true athlete would do in that situation, he just dove right in. His embarrassment came with a great reward, his team finished fourth and qualified.

Serena Williams Swimsuit Slip  Serena Williams is known to have one of the best bodies in spots. Women envy her for how fit she is. It’s no secret that she loves the beach, and this is a chance for people to see her flaunt her hot bod in swim wear. During one beach outing in Barbados, Serena experienced a wardrobe malfunction while in the water. I wasn’t just the nipple that crept from the confines of her swim sit but her entire breast. The paparazzi was there to catch it, a picture that is.

Christina Tsoukala Christina Tsoukala was a female water polo player for Greece. She isn’t known for her skills in the water or her fierce competitive spirit. She is known for her nipple. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Tsoukala captured the attention of everyone with her nipple slip. It was like Jaws coming out of the water. Unfortunately, her team still lost to Australia 8-6.

Devin Hester Gets His Butt Exposed  Devin Hester was making headlines even before he made it to the NFL. While at the University of Miami Devin Hester became the first player in the schools recent history to play all three sides of the ball, offense, defense, and special teams. He was drafted in 2006 by the Chicago Bears where he made an immediate impact with his speed. A guy that fast, there is only one way to stop him. Pull his pants down. The Eagles’ Dimitri Patterson went to tackle Hester and grab his pants exposing his rear end in the process.

Flavia Zoccari  Flavia Zoccari is an Italian swimmer who experienced the awful fate of having her split open. The story is quite heartbreaking. During the Mediterranean Games, Zoccari couldn’t compete in her race because of her wardrobe malfunction. Zoccari was disqualified from the championship match, since her swimsuit burst open. That seems a little unfair.

Venus Williams  Venus Williams is the older sister of the aforementioned Serena Williams and is also a tennis star. Venus has been spotted on the beach as well but she gets a lot of heat for her choice in tennis outfits. Many people complain that they are over the top, but Venus’ yellow outfit sparked immediate outrage for being way too revealing.

Ryan Howard’s Cup  As a guy who used to play sports one of the most important piece of equipment is the cup and jock strap. On his way back to the dugout after being called out at second, Howard suddenly started to what appeared to be, fondling his groin area. It wasn’t an injury. His cup just came loose and he was just busy trying to keep it from sliding down his pants. Which would have been even more embarrassing. Nice save.

Gillian Cooke Gillian Cooke is a Scottish track and field athlete as well as bobsledder. At the World Championships for bobsledding held in Switzerland, Cooke gives television viewers an unexpected chuckle. Not knowing that her outfit had torn, she proceeded to stretch and go on with her race. The video was a hit on YouTube.

Ekaterina Rubleva’s Broken Dress Strap Ekaterina Rubleva is a former competitive ice skater from Russia. She is an accomplished skater with many medals and awards. The moment that put Rubleva’s name on the map may be her most embarrassing moment in life. While competing in the European Figure Skating Championships a faulty dress strap caused her plenty of trouble during the routine. Her boob was released for all to to see.

Lingerie Malfunction Lingerie Football League. It’s a real thing and it is wonderful. The LFL is a bunch of women who play smash mouth football in lingerie. It’s hard to have a wardrobe malfunction when you are barely wearing any clothes, but it is some how possible. Chicago Bliss quarter back was sacked during a play but before she went down everyone got a glimpse of her hind quarters.