15 Hot Athlete’s Daughters

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Actors and musicians aren’t the only celebrities that can create sexy offspring. Professional athletes produce some of the hottest daughters around. Athletes attract some of the most beautiful people so it i really is no suprise. They’re daughters sometimes grow to follow there foot steps others find their own path, either wat they’re extremely hot. No matter what the sport, whether football, basketball, soccer or hockey there are hot athlete daughters every where. Maybe it’s all a gift of genetics. But when athletes combine with say actresses, supermodels, or even other athletes the results can be downright amazing.


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Rachel Bradshaw  Hall of Fame quarterback and sports analyst Terry Bradshaw is not a pretty man. His daughter Rachel however, is an absolute stunner. Being beautiful isn’t her only talent. Rachel is a rising country music artist. She was married to the late Rob Bironas a former NFL kicker. She has a “warrior” tattoo on her wrist in his honor.

Brittny Gastineau Brittny Gastineau is the daughter of former New York Jets defensive player Mark Gastineau. Brittny became a reality T.V. star in the T.V. series, The Gastineau Girls, with her mother. She has appeared on The View as a guest host and other television shows. Brittny has done some modeling work, with a couple of memorable spreads in Maxim and Stuff magazines.

Jasmyn Wilkins Gerald Wilkins is a former NBA player and younger brother of Dominique Wilkins. Enough about them, lets talk about Gerald’s daughter and Dominiques neice, Jasmyn. Jasmyn Wilikins has made a name for herself, being named Miss Georgia in 2012. She is a graduate of Clemson University and is currently majoring in nursing at Georgia State University. She was also quite the accomplished athlete and musician back in school.

Bianca LaRussa  Bianca is the daughter of one of baseball’s greatest managers, Tony LaRussa. She was a NFL cheerleader for the Oakland’s Raiderettes in 2011. Her cheering career was shortlived due to an injury that forced her to retire only a few weeks in into the regular season. That sucks because she is really hot and I’m sure Raiders fans would like to see her more than the actual team.

Bianca Gascoigne Soccer players are never short of beautiful women to date. So amongst all the beautiful people dating, sometimes, they produce attractive children. Take for example, model and actress Bianca Gascoigne, daughter of former Newcastle and Tottenham midfielder Paul Gascoigne, who is also a veteran of the English national team. Bianca is another reason why soccer is called the “beautiful sport.”

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Paulina Gretzky It’s simple mathematics, when one sexy person meets another sexy person they create another sexy person. That’s exactly the case with Paulina Gretzky. Her parents are hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones. Paulina is the eldest of the Great Ones’ five children. She has used her gracious genetics to post some very racy pictures that set the internet on fire, to her Instagram account. Since then, she’s gone on to do some modeling and singing and of course, continues to post super hot pictures of herself to Instagram.

Deepika Padukone Unless you follow the world badminton circuit, you’ll likely never know who Prakash Padukone is, but he’s a pretty big deal in India. His daughter, Deepika is also a big deal in India. She’s an actress who has not yet hit the big time in Hollywood, but in Bollywood she is revered as one of the most gorgeous woman to be put on screen.


Jordin Sparks  Jordin Sparks is best known as a singer, songwriter, and winner of American Idol’s sixth season, but before all of that she is the daughter of former New York Giants corner back Phillippi Sparks. In addition to singing, Jordin has also developed an acting career, starring alongside Whitney Houston, in the 2012 release of Sparkle.

Angela Rypien We should all be thankful Angela Rypien didn’t inherit her looks from her father, two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Mark Rypien. She did inherit his passion for the game, becoming the starting QB for the Seattle Mist and later the Baltimore Charm in the Lingerie Football League. She’s a stunner with one hell of an arm.

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Elizabeth Montana  Joe Montanan needs an award for producing such a hot daughter. While Joe Montana’s son got a lot of attention for possibly becoming a great quarterback like his dad, Elizabeth became known for her looks after some pics of her in a bikini surfaced. Elizabeth is an aspiring model and actress. I hope we get to see plenty more of her.

Deiondra Sanders We all know that Deion Sanders was one of the greatest corner backs in the NFL. He is a Hall-of-Famer and he wasn’t that bad of a baseball player either. What most people don’t know about Deion is that he has a smoking-hot daughter. Deiondra is another socialite that has dreams of being a model and actress, but a rumored sex tape has most people curious.

Alyonka and Diana Larionov Here is a two for one special. Hall of Fame hockey player Igor Larionov, has not one but two hot daughter. Even though their dad has long since retired, Alyonks snd Diana are still involved in the NHL and released a charity song for Hockey Fights Cancer. They also tried out for American Idol and both made it past the first round to Hollywood.

Laila Ali  Her last name should ring a bell. Laila is in fact the daughter of Muhammad Ali, arguably the greatest boxer to step foot inside the ring. Laila is a boxer herself, which pretty much makes her a woman that could beat up most men. Not only can she knock you out in the ring she is a knock with looks.

Leigh Mayock  Current NFL Network analyst, and former Giants safety, Mike Mayock happens to have a smoking-hot daughter who for the most part makes sexy faces on Twitter. That isn’t a bad thing either. That just means we get to see how hot she is on a daily basis. When she isn’t in selfie mode she can still be seen on camera building her portfolio to become a sports broadcaster.

Sara Kosar Bernie Kosar was a legendary quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, but his daughter Sara is on her way to becoming a legend herself. If you watch porn, then you probably know of Lexxi Silver. What you may not have known is that she is the daughter of Bernie Kosar. I wonder how Berinie feels knowing what