15 Hot Super Bowl WAGs

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It has been decided the Seattle Seahawks will defend their championship title against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX (49) which is only a few days away. There has  already been some trash talking between the teams and a cheating scandal. This Super Bowl is shaping up to be a very interesting one. Aside from the players and the actual game their support systems in the form of girlfriends and wives must be excited as well. Many times the significant other of the players make that trip to the big dance to cheer on their man. If we’re lucky enough the camera will spot them in the crowd so we can see how hot they are, and trust me they’re hot.

Russel Wilson’s Girlfriend Snow Phat Russel Wilson was once married to Ashton Meem. Meem was with him for the first two years of Wilson’s career. The couple were married in 2012, but divorced in 2014, bringing an end to a romance that started in high school. Lately it’s been speculated that Russel Wilson is in an “eye raising” relationship with a women who goes by the name of Snow Phat, whose real name is Tifinie. Snow is an Instagram model (and i use that term loosely) who is known for flaunting her curves. They are an odd couple but Snow Phat is definitely an attention grabber.

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Richard Sherman’s Girlfriend Ashley Moss Richard Sherman made his mark in the NFL with an explosive post game interview after he won the Super Bowl last year. Since then he has been one of the NFL’s most talked about players but not much abou his personal life was known. Specifically his relationship status. As of February 1, 2014 Sherman has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Ashley Moss. Ashley is from Redmond, Washington and obviously is a die-hard Seahawks fan. Richard Sherman is a lucky man with one Super Bowl win, getting for a chance and another Super Bowl ring and a nice piece of arm candy rooting for him.
Jermaine Kearse’s Girlfriend Marisa Ventura Jermaine Kearse’s girlfriend Marisa Ventura shares the same name as the character in the movie “Maid In Manhattan”, played by Jennifer Lopez. So when you google search her don’t think that Kearse is dating JLo. Marisa Ventura can still turn as many heads as JLo can. She is a Ford Model who has done some pretty high end work for fashion companies like Lulu. She’s also a graduate of the University of Washington.


Jerod Mayo’s wife Chantel Mayo Jerod Mayo and his wife Chantel are a cool couple. Unselfish, they’ve done a lot of charity stuff with United Way, and they even filmed a public service announcement for a help line in New Hampshire. The couple has also done other stuff to help children including the family’s annual Mayo Bowl, which is the best charity event accoriding to the Patriots players. Chantel is constantly posting uplifting messages and quotes on her twitter account all the time. If she had her own show I would watch it just for how fine she is.

Earl Thomas’ Girlfriend Nina Heisser Seattle Seahawks pro-bowl cornerback Earl Thomas is working hard to make his name known nationally, which is difficult working opposite of Richard Sherman. Still, life for the 24 year old All Pro is going pretty great and his girlfriend Nina is doing her share to help things out. In September 2012, hours before the infamous infamous Golden Tate touchdown game against the Packers, Nina went into labor. 15 minutes before the kick off she gave birth to their first child, Kaleigh Rose Thomas. Before the first half was over, Nina let the world know that Kaleigh was watching her dad by tweeting, “Kaleigh & I watching Daddy put in work against GreenBay!!!!#SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!”

Tom Brady’s Wife Gisele Bündchen When comes to having a hot girlfriend that’s all Tom Brady knows. Brady has been known to date model after model, but has locked him down. Brazilian fashion model, actress, and producer Gisele Bündchen married Brady in 2009. In 1999, Vogue noted Gisele Bündchen’s arrival as, “The Return of the Sexy Model”, and she was credited with ending the “heroin chic” era of modeling. Bündchen has also ventured into acting in 2004, landing a supporting role in Taxi, again in 2006 for The Devil Wears Prada. Aside from being on movie sets Bündchen is the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme. Brady sure knows how to pick ’em.

Dont’a Hightower’s Girlfriend Morgan Hart Dont’a Hightower’s girlfriend Morgan Hart is probably the perfect trophy wife. She’s young, she doesn’t do much, but she is super supportive and hot. Morgan claims to be a writer and aspiring businesswoman. She’s known Hightower for a while, having shown a picture of the couple from 2009, leaving room to believe that she is a high school or college sweetheart. They both went to the University of Alabama, but they may have met before then.

Brandon Bolden’s Wife Arianna Bolden  Brandon is married to his high school sweetheart, Arianna King, now Arianna Bolden. A gorgeous woman, Arianna gave birth to their first child, Brycen on May 2, 2011. Along with being a hot mom, she is a loving wife. Brandon and Arianna started dating in high school, and that’s been their story ever since. Arianna graduated high school in the national honor society in 2008 at the same time Brandon graduated. Arianna  likes helping out at elementary schools on field trips to various places.

Alfonzo Dennard’s girlfriend Ashley Brown. Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard met his smoking hot girlfriend Ashley Brown through a mutual friend around the end of his junior year of college. Both of them were skeptical about going on a blind date but things obviously worked out. After that first date “we were inseparable”, said Ashley. The couple now have four kids together.

Doug Baldwin’s Girlfriend Jennilyn DeJesus Doug Baldwin is a wide reciever for the Seattle Seahawks. He can catch more than a football though, he can snag a hot chick as well. His girlfriend Jennilyn DeJesus is half Filipina, a quater Chinese, and a quarter African-American and that all equals 100 percent fine. Raised in San Diego, Jennilyn is a sports fanaic and played all types of sports in high school. To make things even better she combined her sex appeal with her athletic ability and joined the Lingerie Football League. If Doug doesn’t win the Super Bowl, he can go home and know he has already won in life.

Cliff Avril’s wife Dantia Cliff Avril and his wife Dantia Avril were just married in 2014. Not even a year yet and she’s already proving to be a crucial component to his support system. After most of his games, he’s the type of player to go really hard on himself, and Dantia is the type to remind him that he had a great game. Along with being an uplifting wife Datia looks good. The newlyweds recently started the Cliff Avril Family Foundation.

Alan Branch’s wife Ashley Branch  Another couple that started out in high school is Alan Branch and his wife Ashley Branch. Apparently Ashley followed him to Michigan University all the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Branch moved his family as much as he did being traded from Arizona to Seattle to Buffalo to New England. Through it all his gorgeous wife and two daughters have followed his lead. Branch credits his wife for helping him remain focuses while going through those tough transitions.

Ryan Allen’s Girlfriend Mallory Kolb Punter for the Patriots, Ryan Allen has a down home beauty of a girlfriend. Mallory Kolb is a good old fashioned American girl who enjoys hanging out with her pals and going to church. I wonder how that effect the relationship consideringn Ryan plays mostly on Sunday’s. The two seem to be able to manage. Mallory looks like a fun loving her girl by the numerous of pictures she post on her Twitter account, which she is very noticable in.

Brandon Lafell’s Wife Kristen Lafell  Brandon Lafell is a wide receiver for the New England Patriots and has a gorgeous wife, Kristen Lafell. The two got married on April 12, 2014. Kristen is a cool woman to have as a wife. She is at peace with Brandon having a child with a previous woman and she doesn’t get too invovled in his football obligations and disputes. Even as a professional athlete, sometimes its nice to go home and not hear about work.

Julian Edelman Girlfriend Olivia Frischer Julian Edelman started out playing he quarterback and was switched to wide receiver when he joined the Patriots. The women of New England just like the fact he’s in their town. Unfortunately for them Edelman is spoken for. He has a sexy girlfriend named Olivia Frischer. Olivia is a model who travels the world posing as the center piece for photo shoots, but during off season in 2013 she found a lot of time to be with her boo.