15 Pictures That Prove Hot Girls Love Sports

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When you think of sports fans, you usually think of a bunch guys going to a sporting events together knocking back beers and chest bumping each other at every touchdown, goal and three-point shot made. There are a lot of women who are big sports fanatics and do all those things. They just look a lot more sexy doing it. Unlike the 60’s and 70’s when enjoying certain sports was deemed unlady-like like, now women can still be sexy while enjoying sports like basketball and football. Hot women who have a passion for sports are now a hot commodity. This list is will show you why.

Nearly-Topless Soccer Fan Most sports require you to wear a jersey or at least a shirt, but if you are anywhere near as hot as this girl than those rules don’t apply. When soccer games are televised and the camera pans into the crown they usually they usually show old drunk guys crying cause their team is losing or singing because their team is winning. Sometimes the camera may land on a hot chick, but this one takes the cake for being the hottest soccer fan.

Brewers Fan  To be a Brewers fan most likely you have to be from Milwaukee. It’s very rare that someone that is not from there becomes a fan of the baseball team. The woman in this picture must be one of the hottest natives of the city. The possibility that she is not wearing anything under that jersey makes sure of that. I can conclude that she is also a die hard fan based on the jersey and phone case.

Texas A&M Fan There are a lot of hot girls in Texas. In the Lone Star State they’re pretty serious about football, even the women and children. College football seems to be the pride of the state and all the hot girls who love football seem to go to Texas A&M University. This sexy young lady with the Texas A&M shirt is a great example. Her shorts says that she loves geeks and I’m sure the geeks love her too.

Vikings Fan In Minnesota things can get pretty cold. The frigid weather doesn’t have any effect on this fan because she is smoking hot. She’s wearing nothing but a Vikings jersey rolled up past her navel and exposing her underwear. I guess she is trying to motivate her team to have a better season than they did last year. No matter how the team performs as long as they have hot fans like her, they will always win.

UGA Fan Being that I currently live in Georgia I can truly say that there is nothing like having a Georgia peach. I am referring to the women in the state and not the fruit. Just like Texas girls, Georgia girls are sports freaks. They support their teams to the bitter end and look hot doing it. University of Georgia is the states default college for sports (no disrespect to the other colleges in the state). The school gets charged up on game day especially during football season. The school is located in the city of Athens, GA where the female population cleans up nice but isn’t afraid to get dirty, and will pull you in with their sweet southern draw.

Red Wings Fan The Detroit Red Wings are having an OK year. Currently ranked third in the Atlantic division, the Red Wings can go to sleep peacefully knowing that they have hot fans that wear the teams paraphernalia to bed at night. I’m almost sure she dreams about them winning a Stanley cup when she is asleep. Maybe not this year.

Feruza Paraguay Soccer is an increasingly growing sport in the US and has been the number one sport in other countries. Entire cities shutdown in order to go to and watch their home team play a soccer match. This is true in Paraguay. The hottest women in the country are the most avid fans and show it every chance they get. This hot Paraguay fan sports a revealing shirt with “Fuerza Paraguay” which loosely translates to “Paraguay Strong” or “Paraguay force.” All I see is the hotness Paraguay.

TCU Fan College is the time when you should figure yourself out. It is a time when you figure out the type of people you enjoy being with and potentially find your spouse. If you are a lucky guy you’ll find a girl as hot as this Texas Christian University student. The plus side of it is she’s into sports, baseball to be more specific. The TCU baseball should be proud to have such a hot fan.

Jersey and Bikini This gorgeous babe could be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, an Iowa Buckeyes fan or any other football team with black and yellow colors, either way she is a fan of football. With a gorgeous face and wonderful body I would not be surprised if she is a cheerleader or was cheerleader at one point. In the photo above she is starring out the window asking the same question many of us are asking, “When does football return?”

Yankees Fan  I think it’s safe to say that the New York Yankees are the best baseball team in the history of the sport. The Yankees have the most world series appearances and and wins, which supports my previous statement. The Yankees also have the hottest fans. The picture above support that statement.

49ers Fan  Who wouldn’t want to toss the pig skin with this beauty? The San Francisco 49ers ball she is holding makes me believe she can throw a tight spiral. That makes her sexy just as much as her two “golden nuggets” in the 49ers shirt she’s wearing. Having hot fans like this blonde bombshell always gives a team an edge, even if they did have an atrocious season.

Boston Fan There are no grey areas when it comes to being a fan of Boston teams. Either you are a fan or you can’t stand them. Boston is home to three professional teams, the Celtics in the NBA, the Bruins in the NHL, the Red Sox in MLB. The New England Patriots can be considered as a constituent of the Boston teams conglomerate due to their close proximity and with this hottie as a fan. If this is what happens when a Patriots fan and a Red Sox fans have a baby then I condone more cross city procreation.

Chicago Bulls Fan  The Chicago Bulls have always had a huge fan base. They can thank Michael Jordan for giving them that. They can thank hot chicks like this one for being keeping the team’s spirits high. Especially if she sends pictures like this to the team. You can’t see her entire face but I doubt  your paying attention to that.

Montreal Fan  The Montreal Canadiens is not the most creative name for a sports team. At least they’re good. The Canadiens are ranked number one in the Atlantic division beating out the previously mention Detroit Red Wings. A reason for their high division rank could be the amount of the hot fans in the stadium cheering for them. This fan is hot enough to melt the ice (I know that was cheesy, but you get the point).

Powder Puff Girls One thing that is better than a hot woman that is into sports is a hot woman that plays those sports. These girls are more than likely in college hence the frat house-like background and they obvious are football fans. Powder puff games are a great way to see the hot chicks that are usually in the bleachers on the field, in short-shorts and cropped jerseys. Powder puff games are the reason the Lingerie Football League even exist. So solute to you girls.