15 Models From the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Casting Call

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The Summer is half way done, but before we say good-bye to fun days on the beach, there has to be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue to make the Summer complete. The good folks over at SI have recently held casting calls to see who will be features in the 2016 swimsuit issue. Models from all over the world are trying for a spot in this special issue. The casting call including asking the girls some questions about them selves. Here are 15 girls who could possible be seen in the next SI Swimsuit issue.

Roosmarjin de Kok Roosmarjin is a model from Holland who has posed for Vogue and Victoria Secret. A year ago she was accuses of shoplifting chocolate bars and fish oil from a Whole Foods in New York. The charges were eventually dropped. During her casting call for Sports Illustrated she played the game “Never Have I Ever.” She revealed that she has never been on a blind date and that she has gone skinny dipping before with friends.

Bo Krsmanovic Bo Krsmanovic is from Serbia and probably one of the hottest things to come from that area of the world. During her casting call interview she revealed that pizza is her specialty in the kitchen and that she uses spicy pepperoni. She also shared the best way to get here attention is to have a good sense of humor and to be polite. Give it a try gents you may get to go out on a date with a hot model. She likes to go out to dinner with friends and at night relax at home with said friends.

Chloe Lloyd Chloe Lloyd is a British model who has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Vogue. She is signed with Storm Models and has been with them since 2011. She is happiest when she is relaxing, eating food, and watching movies with her boyfriend (sorry guys). She does not like when guys wear speedos and she likes to binge watch the Kadashians television show. The first person Lloyd will tell if she gets picked for the SI Swimsuit issue is her mom, which is only right.

Teresa Moore Teresa Moore starred in a French commercial advertising underwear. She walked around Paris in nothing but her bra and panties and caught everyone’s attention as she strolled by. The commercial was banned because it was deemed too sexy. That’s the type of model that SI should be looking for. L’Oreal, Diesel and H&M have all tapped Moore to work poses for them. Hailing from the island of Tonga, Moore shared some interesting things about herself during her casting interview where she also played “Never Have I Ever.” She revealed that she has never whistled at somebody on the streets, but I’m sure she has been whistled at a few times. She has never faked being sick to get out of a date and she has also gone skinny dipping.

Nicolle Lobo Nicolle Lobo is a Brizillian model. She has been modeling for six years and currently resides in New York. She feels sexiest when wearing fancy lingerie under jeans and a t-shirt. She played the “Emoji Game” in her casting call interview. That’s where we learned that she is not opposed to kissing on the first date, she likes guys with tattoos, she’s not good at singing, and any guy wearing speedos has no shot with her.

Vicky Furnari Hailing from Argentina is Vicky Furnari. During her five years of modeling she has been featured in campaigns for Calvin Klein, L’Oreal and Playboy. She feels sexiest when she is working out and like most models her guilty pleasure is chocolate. Empanadas is her favorite thing to cook and she does it while singing “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls.

Tahnee Atkinson Tahnee Atkinson is the winner of the fifth season of Australia’s Next Top Model. She is also in the running to be in the next SI swimsuit issue. Tahnee has walked the runway for Nicola Finetti and Alex Perry, and did a spread in Haper’s Bazaar magazine. She is also not a fan of guys who wear speedos, but chocolate and a movie date is one way to her heart. She also revealed that if she wasn’t a model she would be a detective.

Charlotte Mckinney  Charlotte Mckinney is from Orlando, Florida. She dropped out of high school when she was 17 and pursued a career in modeling. Lucky for her it worked out. She struggled to find success with an agency and turned to Instagram to gain recognition and was profiled in Esquire magazine. She worked on a campaign for Guess and ultimately signed with another agency, Wilhelmina Models. Charlotte has more curves than most models and she is proud of that, which is more reason for her to be picked of the 2016 SI swimsuit.

Shaughnessy Brown Another Florida native, Shaughnessy Brown has only been modeling for a year and a half now. She hasn’t been featured in many notable campaigns so this is an exciting chance for her to gain big exposure. Her guilty pleasures are ice cream and bubble baths, and she can cook Indian food. She loves watching football and is a Steelers fan. On Saturdays she likes to watch her favorite TV show, House of Cards.

Aurelia Gliwska  Aurelia Gliwska is anonther model on this list from Perth, Australia. She played the “Emoji Game” in her casting interview and shared her thoughts and opinions. Guys who wear speedos lost again, she loves taking shameless selfies, and likes guys who take selfies. Aurelia enjoys sipping a glass of wine while watching reality TV. You may have seen her in previous campaigns for Target, Bebe, and Victoria Secret Pink.

Alyssa Riley  Alyssa Riley is a model from Toledo, Ohio, but her current home is “wherever her suitcase is.” This nomadic model says she feels sexiest when she is on the beach covered in sand and salt water. She meets that criteria for the swimsuit issue. Alyssa also enjoys boy band music and chocolate. Of her seven years of modeling she has worked in campaigns for brands like Bebe, and Guess.

Alexandria Morgan  Morton, Illinois should be proud to have someone as fine as Alexandria Morgan. As with most people from Illinois, Alexandria is a proud Chicago sports fan. She has only been modeling for one year and and has appeared in Vogue Italia, and Guess campaigns. If she wasn’t a model she would be a dog-walker. She is all for kissing on the first date, and dating athletes, but not guys in speedos.

Lada Kravchenko Lada Kravchenko is from Moscow and she brings all the beauty that the city has to offer. She has been modeling for six years now and has done work for L’Oreal, True Religion, and a La Perla runway show. Lada likes singing songs by The Black Keys and Johnny Cash. One of the craziest things she has done for a shoot is pose in lingerie in -22 degree weather in a forest. That’s a model who knows how to get the job done.

Sofia Resing Sofia Resing is a Brazilian bombshell that anybody would love to see wearing a swimsuit. She played the “Emoji Game” during her casting interview and revealed some things about herself. She likes guys with tattoos and dislikes guys with piercings. She dislikes online dating, horror movies and guys with piercings. Sofia is one of the more accomplished models on this list appearing in many campaigns and shows such as, Paris and New York Fashion Week, Vogue Brazil, Elle Bulgaria, and L’Oreal.

Gigi Paris  Gigi Paris, whose real first name is Jehane, is a Miami, Florida native who loves ice cream and chocolate. She currently lives in LA and has been modeling for six years. She has been involved a Nordstrom campaign, and she has two music videos under her belt, Keith Urban’s “Some Where in My Car” and a Taio Cruz video. She thinks nude beaches are awesome and enjoys a good scare from a horror movie. Gigi feels sexiest on the beach and will be feeling a lot sexier if she is chosen to be in the 2016 SI Swimsuit issue.