15 of the Greatest NFL Memes of 2014

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Any sport includes trash talking. It’s just part of the game. In the most recent years a new form of trash talking has developed, called memes. Taking a picture of a person or scene and adding caption to suggest a scenario has been a way for fans to celebrate their team and scrutinize any other team. Memes can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at any given time. Some of the best memes pertain to football teams and events. There are so many memes on the internet that its hard to see them all. This list has some of the best memes that we can find from this year.

How About Them Cowboys?

How about them  Cowboys? No doubt the Dallas Cowboys has a history of being a great team and being a force to recon with. This year the legacy continues. The Cowboys get ridiculed the hardest out of all the NFL teams. They’re currently stand in second place in the NFC East division with a record of 9-4. That’s not bad considering the on and off performances by their quarterback Tony Romo. Cheers to a playoff run. 

Bears Down

What can we say about the Chicago Bears? Jay Cutler is having one of the worst years of his career. Even his teammate and star receiver of the Bears, Brandon Marshall is not a fan of Cutler’s performance. He even said on his radio show that the businessman in him would have buyer’s remorse about Cutler’s $126.7 million contract. Ouch! The Bears’ current record is 5-8 eliminating them from a playoff shot.

No Rings

The Philadelphia Eagles are 1 out of 13 teams in the NFL that have yet to win a Super Bowl. This is a fact that non-Eagles fans remind them of every chance they get. This meme gets the green blood of the Eagles boiling. Being the only team in your division with no rings must suck. There is hope this year though. The Eagles are number one in their division with a record of 9-4, the same as division rivals Dallas Cowboys.

New NFL Rules Suck

For the past few years the NFL has been changing. I can’t say that it has been a change for the better. Everyone loves to watch a good fashioned game of smash mouth football, but with all the new rules that the NFL has added, games have become a little more frustrating to watch. Its seems that every other hard hit or touchdown celebration gets flagged. Just let the players play.

Redskins Defense?

This meme is a testament to the lack of defense the Washington Redskins have. Their record is also evidence that the Redskins defense sucks. The Redskins are currently 3-10 and dead last in their division. Their defense is ranked number 10 in the league. Needless to say, they’re not going to be seen in the playoffs, but at least they’re not the worst team in the league.

The Colts Have Luck

Once the best team in the league with a streak of playoff and Super Bowl appearances, the Colts are trying to reclaim that top spot. Things were rocky when star quarterback Peyton Manning went to the Broncos, but the Colts have found their way and bounced back. They’re in first place in the AFC South with a record of 9-4, proving that they don’t need Peyton to win, all they need is Luck.

J-E-T-S Suck Suck Suck

The New York Jets. Gang Green has had a horrible season this year. Some will blame the defense, some will blame the coach, who may get the ax after the season is over. Starting QB Geno Smith has the lowest rating this year and has justifiably been the blame for the Jets losing season. In a recent interview Geno Smith felt things could get better. I hope he still has a job to see things get better. With a 2-11 record, the Jets are tied for worst team in the league.

Peyton Manning

Denver Broncos fans have much to rejoice about this season. The Broncos clenched a playoff birth by leading the AFC West division with a 10-3 record. A quarterback like Peyton Manning makes any team that he plays for better. Peyton Manning proved that he is still one of the greatest quarterbacks to step on the field after some doubt and ridicule. Peyton has thrived in the playoffs before so lets see if he really still has it.

Dear Fantasy League Gods

Besides the excitement of watching the real NFL, fantasy football leagues have gained major popularity. Almost everyone gets in on the action of building their own football team by picking the players they feel are playing the best. The only thing is the performance of you fantasy team depends on the real performance of the individual players you picked to create it. These fantasy leagues can get serious, especially if there is money on the line.

Will Johnny Football Play Football?

Johnny Football was the number one topic before the season began. The most exciting player to enter this past draft, Manziel was drafted by the Cleveland Browns 6th pick in the first round. Ever since getting to Cleveland, the chatter about Manziel has died down. Manziel’s first career start will be against the Bengals on Sunday. Some think he should have started the whole season. That’s a lot of talent to sit on the bench coach. Maybe that’s why the fans predict a trade in the future.

Nobody Move

Some memes are not meant to talk trash or celebrate a team. Sometimes they’re just for laughs. This meme is an example. During the game against the Ravens, Patriots teammates were caught in this position. Memes make people laugh and may help them cop with a bad loss. You can find many memes like this on any social media platform. Clever and witty captions like these makes the internet much more fun.

Aaron Rodgers the Great One

The Green Bay Packers are an unstoppable force right now. Led by Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the Pack has won their last five games and showing no remorse or restraint with scoring. Rodgers has yet to throw an interception at home. The Packers are close to clinching a playoff spot with their 10-3 record. They’re currently second in the NFC North division. With Aaron Rodgers at the helm there is a good chance the Packers can make it past the regular season.

Jail Birds

This meme is a little bit touchy but still funny. NFL players no matter the team have had run-ins with the law. The Baltimore Ravens have been in the hot seat due to their players legal actions almost every other year. Since the year 2000 there has been a string of Ravens players that have been arrested. Some charges were misdemeanor others were serious. The most famous cases were those of Jamal Lewis, Ray Lewis, and most recently Ray Rice.

Playoff Hopes

The Pittsburgh Steelers are fighting the good fight to secure a playoff spot. With a 8-5 record they are in a wildcard battle. If they are to win this upcoming game against the Atlanta Falcons things look good, if not then back to Steel City for Big Ben. It really is an awful position to be in. On the up side their best defensive player Troy Polamalu is back on the field after being injured. This increases their chances to be playoff contenders.