15 of the Sexiest Sports in the World

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When people think of sports, rarely do they consider them to be sexy. It’s all about perspective. Some sports are naturally sexy considering the type of movements and uniforms players have. Other sports are sexy due to the players being sexy themselves. Either way the following sports on this list are considered to be the sexiest sports some one can play. Some of the sports are popular and may not have been seen as sexy before now. Some sports on this list are not known to most, but have been created for the sole purpose of being sexy.

Figure Skating  Figure Skating is an underrated sport. Many people don’t realize how much skaters put into the sport to become the best. After all it is a popular Olympic sport. Figure skating can also be sexy. Think about it. It has women skating on ice wearing short skirts, while doing flips, splits and twist.

Roller Derby Now this is a sport I could get on board with. They have beautiful women skating around knocking each other around until someone scores. It is like a real rugby game on skates. The costumes make the sport great too. Who would like to see overly aggressive women go at each other while wearing tight shorts. Now that is hot.

Beauty Pageants Most people might not considered beauty pageants to be a sport, but they are very competitive. People train and prepare for pageants, months to years in advance and there can only be one winner. Sound like a sport to me. Beauty pageants are sexy due to the amount of women who strut around in swim wear and evening gowns. They all work very hard to make sure they look their best. After all that is a major criteria of winning.

Bikini Tug of War Bikini tug of war is a real sport and it is a fun sport to watch. It is not as poplar as figure skating of roller derby, but it is sexy. Two teams of girls in bikinis try to pull each other over the line or into a pool of water. This sport attracts a big crowd and from the YouTube videos I’ve seen, I know why. Nest time you’re on the beach try to find a bikini tug of war match.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Rhythmic gymnastics is different from other gymnastic events such as vault, pummel horse and the rings. Rhythmic gymnastic is a floor event where contestants show off their flexibility and balance to music. They usually have a ribbon, a ball or a hoop to add flare to their routine. To see women prancing and dancing around wearing leotards is enjoyable to watch.

Jello Wrestling  Here is another sport that is too good to be true. Jello Wrestling. Women wearing bikinis get in a ring or pool full of jello and grapple with each other until a winner is declared. If you have been going to a bar frequently and have not noticed a jello wrestling match, you are in the wrong place my friend. There are few things more sexier than women getting all slippery and sticky, slamming each other around in jello.

Model Boxing  The modeling industry is really cut throat. Models are so competitive with each other that they will sabotage and intentionally try to harm each other for time in the spotlight. If the modeling industry is like that imagine what the sport of model boxing is like. These are some gorgeous women who have some knock punches. What really makes this sport sexy is the real possibility to see a nipple or two.

Strip Poker Poker has went from being what your dad and his friends do once a week in the basement to a globally recognized sport. Poker tournaments are held all over the world and winners can come away from the table as millionaires. Strip poker is the games quirky cousin. If you have the right people with you, it can be the sexiest game you’ll ever play. Everyone sitting around a table topless is one hell of a night.

Tennis Any sport that requires you to wear less clothing in order to be better at it deserves a spot on this list. Tennis is a display of power and agility, and sometimes a display of undergarments. Tight shorts and tiny skirts seem to be a requirement for tennis babes. With sexy women like the Williams sisters and Maria Kirilenko playing the sport, no wonder tennis has become a big deal.

Surfing Surfing is a sport that needs more attention. I am not sure where all the fans have gone, but this sport is fading fast. It is too sexy to fade into obscurity. There are hot surfer chicks that would love us to watch them glides over the the water. They’ll even wear bikinis for us. Sexy pro surfer chicks like Malia Manuel, Kelia Moniz, Erica Hosseini, and a lot more deserve our attention.

Volleyball I was never a fan of volleyball until recently when I saw I how sexy it really is. Women volleyball players are some of the most fit athletes. You can tell by their physiques that they proudly show off on the court when they wear those tight and tiny shorts. Beach volleyball is even more sexy because the players where bikinis.

Lingerie Football Lingerie football is a fantasy for a lot of guys that came true thanks to the leagues founder Mitchell S. Mortaza. The players wear lingerie while playing some of the rough football games you’ll ever see. These are no joke and extremely sexy. There have been a few times where cloths actually get ripped off. That actually happens a lot in this league.

Track  Women track stars are some of the most gorgeous women in the athletic world. They have some of the best  bodies as well. We can see that when they wear their shorts and spandex shirts at their track meets. Sexy track stars like Lolo Jones, Jackie Joyner Kersee, and Florence Joyner have made watching track and field events interesting.

Swimming  Swimmers are revered as some of the most in shape athletes. Women swimmers show off their slender bodies every time they put on their tight swim suits. The goggles and swim caps can be a turn off but if you’ve seen swimmers like Stephanie Rice, Amanda Beard, Bia and Branca Feres, and Natalie Coughlin, you would know that there is a lot of sexiness under there.

Basketball Women’s basketball for the longest has been seen as the least sexiest sport a woman could play. The idea was that you had to be a brute to be a female basketball player. That is simply not true these days. Some of the sexiest women in the world can take you to the hoop. Players like Skylar Diggins, Da’Jourie Turner, and Kirklin Kirkpatrick have given women’s basketball a new and sexier image.


These girls show you why sports are considered sexy!