15 Sexiest Sports Illustrates Swimuit Issue Covers

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There are few better sights than a woman in a bikini. Sports Illustrated figured that out and decided to dedicate one entire issue a year to hot women wearing bikinis. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has become a prime platform for models and female athletes to show off their bodies and gain national recognition in the form of teenage boys drooling over them. Models and female athletes from all over the world have been choosen to pose for the cover of the SI swimsuit issue. There are currrently 51 swimsuit issues that have been created. Here are the 15 sexiest Sports Illustrates swimsuit issue covers.

Babetter March 1964 The first issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition to feature a bikini debuted in January 1964. Babette March who now goes by Babette Beatty was the first model to be featured the first Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Babette is from Berlin and was signed to Ford Model agency. Before the SI swimsuit cover she did modeling work for Weekend Magazine.

Cheryl Tiegs 1975 In 1975, model Cheryl Tiegs graced the swimsuit issue cover in 1975. The location of this cover shoot was in Cancun, Mexico. Tiegs was caught splashing around in a pool wearing a green and yellow bikini. This was her second SI swimsuit cover and certainly not the last. She first appeared on the swimsuit cover in 1970 and made the cover again in ’78 posing in a fishnet bathing suit. In 2004, Tiegs was inducted into the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’s 40th anniversary “Hall of Fame.”

Christie Brinkley 1979 In 1979, Christie Brinkley shot her first cover for the Swimsuit Edition. The one-piece bathing suit she’s wearing on this cover cost a relatively modest $58 at the time. Now the models wear bikinis that go for thousands of dollars. This cover was the first of three consecutive covers. Brinkley was chosen to cover the ’80 and ’81 issues as well. She is the first model to be on three consecutive swimsuits covers.

Tyra Banks and Valeria Mazza 1996 In 1996, Tyra Banks became the first black woman to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She appeared on the cover of that years swimsuit issue along with another model Valeria Mazza. The two posed back-to-back while wearing leopard skin print bikinis. The bikinis went will with the landscape which was in South Africa.

Tyra Banks 1997 Tyra Banks’ first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover was so good that the following year, she appeared on it solo. Banks wore a tiny weenie pink polka dot bikini that made jaws drop. The 1997 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is definitely one of, if not the sexiest SI cover in the publications history. It’s hard to take your eyes off of this cover.

Kate Upton 2012 Kate Upton made a big splash when she showed up out of nowhere on this 2012 cover of the magazine. Her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue debut was one for the ages. She wore the smallest bikini that could possibly be worn. This was the first SI cover Upton was on and started her journey of becoming Sports Illustrated favorite model.

Petra Nemcova 2003 Petra Nemcova is a model, television host, and philanthropist from the Czech Republic. There are few things hotter than supermodel Petra Nemcova. In 2003 this was evident when she landed on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. On this cover she is seductively removing her bikini bottoms. This is a cover that became a poster in many of college dorm rooms.

Marisa Miller 2008 In 2008, Sports Illustrated went with a “barely bikini” theme. Model, Marisa Miller wore strategically placed beaded necklaces to replace her missing bikini top. Miller has appeared in SI in previous issues but this was her first and only time on the cover. Aside from modeling for SI, Miller is also a Victoria Secret Angel.

Elle Macpherson 1988 Elle Macphearson became the second model to have three consecutive swimsut issue covers after Cheryl Tiegs, with five in total. Her first cover happen in 1986. Her third and last consecutive cover in ’88 was the one that earned her the nickname “The Body.” The shoot for this cover took place in Thailand and Macphearson wore an all black onepiece.

Kate Upton 2013 I’m sure you expected to see Kate Upton more than once on this list and you are right. Sports Illustrated’s go to model only has two swimsuit issue covers, but has multiple features and covers in the regular issues. In 2013, Kate Upton made her second appearance on an SI cover. This time she was semi-topless and in the ice cold conditions of Antarctica. She set a record of being the first person to model in the Antarctica.

Daniela Pestova 1995 In 1995, Daniela Pestova showed that you don’t have to bare it all to be sexy. On her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover she wore a blue and white stripped t-shirt that left something to the imagination. The second model from Czech Republic on this list, Pestova went to Bermuda to shoot this cover.

Bar Refaeli 2009 In 2009, Isreali supermodel Bar Refaeli was the face of the magazine’s “Bikinis or Nothing” issue. This issue featured some of the world’s hottest women wearing bikinis or as less clothing as possible. NBA cheerleaders, Danica Patric and Brooklyn Decker were featured in this issue. Of course the hottest model in that issue was Refaeli, who went to the Grenadines and shot this cover on Cancuan Island.

Daniela Pestova 2000 In 2000, Sports Illustrated went 3-D. It made a valiant attempt to take the bikini magazine game to a whole new level. The 2000 swimsuit issue came complete with 3-D glasses to see the models like you’ve never seen them before. Daniela Pestova served as the cover girl for that issue and traveled to Malaysia for this one. Different from her ’95 cover, Pestova goes topless with nothing but and array of necklaces covering her lady parts.

Brooklyn Decker 2010 Super hottie Brooklyn Decker landed on the cover of a swimsuit issue after being featured in previous issued. Her yellow bikini top is draped over her shoulder so technically she is topless on the 2010 cover. Decker took this photo for the cover while wading in the waters in the Maldives. In the same year she was a model for Victoria Secret’s “Swim” collection.

Beyonce 2007 Even Queen Bey herself graced the cover of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Beyoncé became the first and so far the only non-model and non-athlete to grace the cover in 2007. She appeared on special music edition. The R&B and pop diva was captured playing in the sand wearing a yellow and orange bikini.