15 Sexy Female Athletes You Must Follow on Instagram

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Social media has become a great tool for athletes to connect with their fans. Most athletes have hectic schedules and are always traveling. Social media allows them to share their experiences with fans all over the world at one time. Instagram, specifically, is the app that athletes and fans use to connect. The pictures allow fans to see exactly what their favorite sports are doing and how they look doing it. Some athletes are better to follow than other, some are more interesting and other are just too sexy not to follow. This list includes the Instagram accounts of the sexy female athletes you must follow.

@lolojones  Olympic star athlete Lolo Jones  competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics unfortunately she did not medal in the track and field events that she participated. In the 2014 Winter Olympics, Lolo switched from track and field to bobsleding. She may not have won gold in the Olympics but she gets the gold in looks. LoLo’s Instagram is full of sexy selfies and pictures of her training which are sexy too.

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@sageerickson  Sage Erickson, not to be confused for Sage Kostenburg, is a surfer chick. A really, really hot surfer chick. As I mentioned before, Sage is a surfer so that means most of the time you will see pictures of her in a bikini in or out of the water. When she’s not in the water, she is wearing some pretty stylish threads. You would not regret following her on Instagram.

@angela_rypien Men love two things: women and football. Well some brilliant mind decided to put those two things together, thus we have Angela Rypien. Angela is a player in the the Lingerie Football League. She is the quarterback for the Baltimore Charm. I guess being a quarterback runs in the family. Angela’s father is former Redskins quarterback and Super Bowl champ, Mark Rypien. The differnce between her and her father is that her Instagram is full pictures of her wearing lingerie.

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@itsstephrice  Stephanie Rice is an Australian swimmer. Just like a mermaid Stephanie is mostly under water water when she surfaces you want to be there to see how gorgeous she is. The best thing about Stephanie Rice’s Instagram account is she doesn’t just post hot photos of herself. She also posts photos of other women she thinks are hot. That’s very considerate of her.

@rondarousey When you think of women participating in the UFC, dainty images of women frolicking in the cage don’t come to mind. Ronda Rousey is the first women to fight in the UFC but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a lady. Rousey is quite sexy and if you follow her on Instagram you would see that. Pictures of her in lingerie and showing a lot of skin will almost make you forget that she can beat you to a pulp.

@mieshatate Miesha Tate in the octagon is not the same Miesha Tate out of the octagon looks wise at least. When she isn’t throwing punches she still is a knock out with her looks. Her Instagram shows the fun loving, soft side of Miesha, as well as how sexy she is. You can also see video clips and pictures of her training and places she has traveled to.

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@ellen_hoog  I predict in the future field hockey may be the next sport to gain popularity in America, just like soccer has. It’s rise in popularity will be based on the abundance of hot women playing the sports. One of the sexiest field hockey players is Ellen Hoog. A Dutch field hockey gold medalist and, of course, a model, Hoog will make anyone a fan of field hockey. One word to describe Hoog’s Instagram is exciting.

@blaironealgolf  Blair O’Neal began her career as a professional golfer around the same time she started her career as a professional model. She is on the Symetra Tour, formerly known as the LPGA Futures Tour. She has received multiple mentions from websites and magazines complimenting her on her looks. Blair is a fun loving girl with Instagram pictures of her self with drinks in hand and wearing mid drifts, but there are lots of sexy pictures of Blair on her account.

@meghanahardin  Meghan Hardin is another hot golfer. Meghan is on not on the Symtera Tour but on the Grasshopper Tour which is another pro tour. Whatever tour Meghan chooses to play on it doesn’t change the fact that she is hot. On her Instagram the blond bombshell has plenty of sexy pictures. She makes golf worth watching. Check out her holiday pictures.

@sloanstephens  Female tennis players have a special place in the hearts of Americans. They wear short-shorts, and mini skirts, and have some of the sexiest bodies in sports world. A prime example is Sloane Stephens. She is the young face of tennis and is projected to be the next big tennis star. Comparisons between here and Serena Williams have been swirling around tennis forum for a while now. This gorgeous tennis star is ranked 12th in the world.

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@sydneyleroux If you are a fan of the U.S. women’s soccer team, you probably knew that Sydney Leroux was hot. If you follow her on Instagram then you know that she is extremely hot. Sydeby is really good friends with her equally hot teammate, Alex Morgan who make a few appearances on her account. Keep up with this gorgeous goal scorer as she shows off her beach body and yoga moves.

@lerynf  Leryn Franco is representing for all the hot javelin throwers in the world. This Paraguayan Olympic athlete has an Instsgram full of pictures of her in a bikini. She became an internet sensation in 2008 at the Bejing Olympics. If you don’t have an Instagram account she will convince you to get one.

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@chaniaray Former Florida State University basketball player, Chania Ray has eyes that will put you in a trance. She’s now a member if the Westen Virgin University women’s basketball team and she is still fine. As with most college girl Instagrma account it has many selfies and that’s really ok. She’s not the most exciting Instagram user but, it’s always pleasant to see a pretty face pop up on your time line.

@af85 Allyson Felix is a rising American athlete. She is track and field sprinter who has won a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics. Even when she is relaxing on the beach Allyson is always showing her athletic abilities. She is a true American beauty and is working toward being one of the greatest female athletes on the planet.

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@mjenneke93 Michelle Jenneke is not a well known track star. She won a silver medal as a hurdler at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics and that is her greatest accomplishment to date. I’m not sure about Michelle making it as a big time Olympic hurdler. However, she’s definitely comfortable with being a professional hot internet chick. It seems to working well for her.