15 Sexy Professional Female Soccer Players

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Soccer is often called the “beautiful sport.” Though it is a male dominated sport like most of the other sports, women’s soccer has proven to be just as competitive and exciting. There are women star players who get more attention than some of their male counterparts.  The women who play are also some of the sexiest women you can see, giving the sport some sex appeal. Women’s soccer is played, watched and enjoyed world wide. Women from different nationalities all represent their countries in athletic ability and looks. The following list consist of some of the sexiest female soccer players in the world.

Lauren Sesselmann Lauren Sesselmann was raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin where she began playing soccer. She has been playing soccer professionaly since 2004 playing with five teams before landing with the Douston Fash. Lauren is also a member of the Canadian womens national team. I’m sure fans in both countries can apreciate a player as fine as Lauren on their team. She is also a trainer, producer and host of the Fitness DVD program Fit As A Pro with Lauren Sesselmann.

Selina Wagner Selina Wagner is the midfielder for Vfl Wolfsburg. She also plays on the German national team winning to World Championship with them in 2010. Watching Selina play soccer should be a past time in itself. She is one of the hottest women in Germany and is not afraid to show it. Selina once posed nude in the German edition of Playboy magazine.

Alex Morgan Alex, which is short for Alexandra Morgan is one of America’s favorite athletes. One reason is beacuse she is a dominant player on the field the other reason is beacause she is sexy. Fans immediately recognized her good looks during games, but off the field is when she is at her best. The Olympic gold medalist also models when she isn’t scoring goals. Modeling is definitely her gift to us.

Monica Gonzalez Monica Gonzalez was the captain of the Mexican women’s national team. She joined the team while she was still in college at Norte Dame in 1998. She was drafted by the Boston Breakers after college and player for them for one season. She branched out into modeling during her time playing for the national team, which we thank her for. Monica is now a soccer analyst and announcer for ESPN.

Christen Press Christen Press currently plays Forward for the Chicago Red Stars of the National Women’s Soccer League here in America. She began playing soccer in high school and played her entire time at Stanford University. She is a member of the USA women’s national team. Press also has a gorgeous smile that makes it hard to take your eyes off of her.

Heather Mitts Heather Mitts has three Olympic gold medals playing for the US Women’s team. She’s played professionally for several different domestic teams and she’s a babe. She has no problem showing of her hotness. She has been in ESPN magazine and in Maxim. She’s one of the few US players actually inclined to take her clothes off and get a little dirty. You can find Heather Mitts on many hottest female athletes  list.

Justine Bernier Born in Ontario, Canada, Justine Bernier is one of the smoking hot athletes that Canada like to hide away behind their border. Justine grew up playing soccer, hockey, basketball and other sports, and comes from an athletic family. She was only 19 when she won a gold medal with Canada at the 2008 CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship. Expect to see her in America making heads turn pretty soon.

Melissa Barbieri Goalies are vital to a soccer teams success. Not only is Melissa Barbieri high on the list of being a good goalie, she’s high on the list for being one of the hottest goalies. She has been blasted by the Australian press for being too short to play goal keeper, but if she gets the job done who cares. I just think the press need a reason to keep putting that gorgeous face in the papers. I can’t be too mad at them for that.

Kosovare Asllani  Linkopings FC fans should be proud to say they have one of the hottest soccer player to kick a ball. The Swedes strike again with Kosovare Asllani. She is also member of the Swedish national team. It’s been said that she is a “proficient striker.” I’m sure its also been said by many guys who seen her play that she is very pretty.

Laisa Andrioli Sex appeal just seeps out of Laisa Andrioli’s pores. She is effortlessly hot. There is no surprise that this Brazilian bombshell would be on this list. It’s hard to find stats on her but you will find plenty of sexy pictures. She has no problem stripping down and showing her body. The photo shoot in Brazilian magazine SEXY brought her much attention off the field.

Anouk Hoogendijk Anouk Hoogendijk is a Dutch female international soccer player. She plays midfielder and is known for being a superb defender. She currently plays for Ajax. At the age of 12 Anouk, was slated to become a great soccer player for her country. Indeed she joined the Netherlands women’s national team. What they didn’t predict was how sexy whe would be playing the game.

Maurine Maurine Dorneles Gonçalves, who is simply known just as Maurine, is another Briziilan soccer babe. She is a midfielder for the Brizilian women’s national team and the finest to play the position. In 2001 she came to the states and played in the Women’s Professional Soccer league for the New York Flash. The sexy soccer player was mentioned as a key player in the 2012 London Olympics.

Jonelle Filigno A member if the Canadian women’s national team and Sky Blue FC, Jonelle Filigno is one of the sexiest midfielders in the game. She was only 17 years old when she made her debut in Canada’s national team. At the 2012 Olympics, Filigno scored the winning goal against Great Britain in the knockout stage of the tournament. On and off the field Filigno is known for her long, black hair which is one of a few of the traits that make her hot.

Kaylyn Kyle Kaylyn Kyle is a Canadian star midfielder, who plays for Vancouver Whitecaps FC. She constantly pops up on list of hottest female soccer players, always landing in the top 5. Kaylyn Kyle showed her heart and dedication to playing soccer in a hard fought game, which ended in defeat against the US women’s soccer team in 2012. She became just as popular as the American players for her skill and looks.

Sydney Leroux  Sydney Leroux is a Canadian born, soccer player plays for the American women’s national team. Her mother was a Canadian soccer player and her father was an American baseball player, pitching for the Angels. Leroux is mixed with different nationalities which makes her eligible to represent eight countries. In 2012 she joined the US senior national team after playing for the Under-20 team. Sydney is very appealing to the eye and is always mentioned in the conversation of hottest women soccer players.