15 Shockingly Sexy Moments in Sports

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Sporting events can have the most unpredictable outcomes. Anything can go wrong, right or just get down right weird. We’ve all had sports moments that are going to stick in our memories for a long time. Some of these moments were great plays like buzzer beater shot or touchdowns scored with little to no time on the clock.  Other great and mind blowing sports moment sometimes don’t happen on the field or court. They may not even happen directly to the players. Some of these moments can be described as sexy and we surely don’t want to look over those moments.

Lolo Jones gets Curves for Winter Olympics Lolo Jones is one of the sexiest female athletes in the world. She is a track star who specializes n the 60 and 100 meter hurdles. In 2008 she made it to the Bejing Olympics and was a favorite to win the 100 m hurdles. She did not place and in the 2012 London Olypmics the same outcome occured. It wasn’t until Jones was convinced to take up bobsleding that she would get a gold medal. She also picked up a few pounds and got curves. Adding on weight never looked so sexy.

Melissa Johnson Streaks at Wimbeldon Even tennis matches can be sexy at some points. Streaking is like lighting, it’s quick and surprinsing, and you never when or where it will happen. Melissa Johnson is in the back pages of the sports history books for streaking at Wimbeldon during the Men’s singles finals in 1996. There were more than tennis balls bouncing that day.

Alex Morgan Dressed as Miley Cyrus Alex Morgan is a soccer player for the Portland Thorns FC of the National Women’s Soccer League and for the United States women’s national soccer team. She is a great athlete helping the U.S. women’s soccer team win the gold in the 2012 London Olympics. Along with being a great athlete she is also sexy. That was really evident during Holloween when she dressed as Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. The photo of her and her teammate, Sydney Leroux, who was dressed as Robin Thicke was a hit on the internet.

Katherine Webb Became Famous Katherine Webb is a model, beauty queen, and television personality. She was Miss Alabama USA 2012. Most of the world did not know this about her until she made an appearance on national television as the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback, AJ McCaron. The cameras caught Katherine cheering her now husband on during the BCS National Championship Game in 2013. Immediately the attention went from the game to her jaw dropping looks.

Anastasia Ashley Twerks Anastasia Ashley is a big-wave surfer, and an occasional fashion model. She has won many awards including Triple Crown Rookie of the Year and the Professional Surfing Tour of America championship. She has posed for Maxim magazine. Her sexy moment came when she was caught twerking on the beach . When she was asked about it in an interview she said that is her routine to get pumped up to hit the waves.

Sports Illustrated the Body Issue Sports Illustrated’s Body Issue made headlines on all types of news outlets, blogs and websites. In an ode to the human body, SI called on some of the most prominent athletes from every sport. Athletes have some of the best physiques, and SI showed the best of the best. Sports stars like Venus and Serena Williams, Lolo Jones, and Hope Solo are some of the women athletes that have bared it all. The ladies were able to enjoy Blake Griffin, Steven Jackson, and Colin Kaepernick.

Texans Cheerleaders Freestyle Fridays NFL cheerleaders are not just active during their team’s home games. Take the Houston, Texans cheerleaders for example. Every Friday after practice the ladies of the Texans cheer squad record a video of themselves dancing around. They do this to keep the fans engaged with the team and to spread some cheer in the community. You can watch all there videos on Youtube.


Kate Upton in Antarctica Sports Illustrated is a publication that has all the inside scoop on everything sports. It has exclusive interviews with the top athletes and has some of the best themed issues. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is one of their most popular annual issues. There favorite model for this time of year is obviously Kate Upton. In 2013 she posed in Antarctica in just a bikini. Very cold, but still extremely sexy Kate landed on the cover and landed in the record books for being the first model to do a photo shoot on the frozen continent.

Dolphin Cheerleaders Parody of Blurred Lines  The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders know how to have fun as well. The ladies did a parody of Carely Rae Jensen’s “Call Me Maybe” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. They have more video parodies and all of them look better than the original. It’s hard to take your eyes of the screen when the Dolphins cheerleaders are on the screen. Catch these videos on their Youtube channel.

Kimberly Weber Streaks at Presidents Cup  Kimberly is a patriotic streaker. The latest to add her name to the list of female streakers. At the President’s Cup golf tournament, Kimberly Weber discarded her clothes and ran on the green on the 18th hole holding an American flag over her head. What started out as a joke among friends the day before became a mission to be include as one of the top streakers of all times. Mission accomplished Kimberly.

Paulina Gretzky Takes Social Media By Storm  Paulina Gretzky is the daughter of the legendary Wayne Gretzky. No she doesn’t play any sports but she is sexy and she let the world know via Instagram. In a spontaneous burst of hotness, Paulina posted an increase of sexy bikini and pool side pictures on her Instagram. As an aspiring model and singer, her looks helped her get a modeling gig in Golf Digest magazine and a small part showing off her body in the film Grown Ups 2.

Bibi Jones Bibi Jones is a adult entertainment star. For those who don’t indulge in that kind of stuff they may have seen her some where else. She posted a picture of a topless Rob Gronkowski and her wearing his jersey on her Twitter page. A year later she posted another picture with the New England Patriots player and her self being topless this time. An offer was later made to Gronkowski to match his 2014 base salary if he agreed to participate in a sex scene with BiBi Jones.

Erica Roe Streaks at Soccer Match   Streaking is a sports related event that some frown upon and others find amusing. It is usually a male dominated thing but there are a few women who have participated in the act. In 1982, 24 year old Erica Roe struck a blow for the feminist movement by streaking at an England versus Australia soccer match. She was bold enough to bare her 40″ bosom in front of the Queen of England, becoming the grandmother of female streakers. Hats, and every other piece of clothing off to her.

Introduced to Jace Williams  Soft ball player often times get a bad rep for being tom boys and the rough girls that guys see as just friends. There are a lot of soft ball players that are really hot. One of those really hot softball players is Jace Williams. Don’t let the name fool you, she is sexy. Jace became known for her extremely sexy Instagram post of her in bikinis while she was a student-athlete at Cal. Now, fittingly, she is a professional bikini model.

Naomi McDonald, Serial Streaker When you put together a lost of the best streakers in sports history, Naomi McDonald’s name must be on it, no if’s and’s or but’s (well, maybe some butts). A legend among the streaking community, Naomi McDonald is a serial streaker. She has pulled off naked runs at both International cricket matches and Wimbledon. Salute to her for displaying her nice rack multiple times.