15 Sports Myths That You Should Stop Believing.. NOW

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The world of sports can be very complicated. There are a lot of statistics and records that need to be accounted for and documented. A side from the statistics and records that can be measured, there are also sports myths. Sports myths are the stories that people pass down year after year. They are usually based on a true events but are embellished and every time someone shares a myth, they add or take away details. Though there are some myths that have been proven to be true, some myths are just completely false. These are sports myths you should stop believing.

College Athletes Get Medical Care After an Injury We all know that any contact sport has a high risk of injury for the players. In professional sports, teams have their very own trainers and doctors that take care of the players. As for college athletes, they pretty much have to rely on their own means of getting medical attention. Colleges are under no obligation to provide health care or rehab once an athlete is injured. At most they will bandaged the wound and send the players on their way.

Marathons Are 26.2 Miles Because of the Greeks
A little known fact is that most marathons are 26.2 miles long. The common myth is that marathons are 26.2 miles because that is the length that a Greek soldier ran from Marathon to Athens to announce a Greek victory over the Persians. The actual reason for this standard of marathon race length dates back to the 1908 London Olympics. The British royal family requested that the running route be extended an extra 385 yards, bringing it to 26.2 miles so that the royal family could have a good view of the race.

Distracting Players at the Free Throw Line  I’m sure you all have seen the inflatable noisy sticks that fans bang together at basketball games. Some of you may even have a few. They are used to distract the player while they shoot free throws. Many people will tell you that this trick works, but it doesn’t. Research has shown that the opposing team might actually do better at the line than the home team. All that noise and excitement does more good than harm for the opposing team.

Baseball Games Are Long  Somehow, fans have come to the conclusion that baseball games are super long. Many people think baseball is the longest sports game played. The average baseball game actually consists of 18 to 20 minutes of actual play with the ball in motion. The game just seems to take forever due to pitcher changes, the change of innings, and of course, commercials.

Teams Always Pick the Highest Rated Draft Picks in the First Round Many people believe that teams pick the highest rated draft pick in the first round. It’s easy to see how this myth became wide spread. In most sports the team that is ranked dead last gets the first pick of the draft and a shot at the top players entering professional sports. The truth is, that team may not need that high ranking player. Picking players takes as much strategy as utilizing them in game time situations. If the team already has a franchise quarterback, they won’t be going for the top QB pick.

The Super Bowl Is Wholesome Family Fun The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in America. People invite friends and family over to indulge in junk food and beer, while they yell at the TV. Children and adults watch the Super Bowl for the game and for the friendly halftime performance. You would think the Super Bowl is a wholesome fun event, but there is a dark and problematic side to the last game of the football season. To law enforcement, the Super Bowl is known as the single largest human trafficking event of the year. Thousands of “prostitutes” are brought into the host city that is hosting the big game every year.

“Shoeless” Joe Jackson Fixed the World Series The 1919 world series between the Chicago White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds is one that is only remembered for the myth that is attached to it. Known as the Black Sox Scandal, Chicago’s star player, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and several of his teammates intentionally lost the world series after conspiring with gamblers. The myth of Jackson and his teammates fixing the world series is not entirely true. Jackson claimed that he did accept $5,000, but tried to give the money back and get himself benched. He hit for .325 during the 8 game series. Baseball stats experts agree his numbers don’t add up to a fix, but sadly, the myth prevails.

Myth of the Assistant Hockey Captain In hockey, every team has a captain. You can tell who it is by looking for the player with the “C” on the front of  their jersey. Many teams also have a player that has an “A” on their jersey. People mistakenly think that the player with the “A” is the assistant captain. The “A” actually stands for “alternate”. An alternate captain can only talk to refs and perform other captain duties when the first captain is off the ice.

Footballs Are Made From Pig Skin Everyone believes that a football is made from pig skin. Footballs used to be made from animal bladders, sometimes from pigs, thus the nick name, but the skin of the pig was never used to make a football. So when you say, “let’s go toss around the pig skin,” you’re technically wrong. Today, footballs are made from vulcanized rubber or cowhide. “Let’s toss around the cow hide,” has a nice ring to it.

Usain Bolt Training For the Long Jump and 400 Meter Race  for 2016 Olympics Some athletes are so great that they can’t help but become the center of rumors and myths. Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive, that is a fact. He runs the 100 and 200 meter track events. It has long been speculated that Bolt will be adding the long jump and the 400 meter race to the list of track and field events he will compete in for the 2016 Olympic. That is just not true. Usain Bolt himself debunked that myth saying “After last season I sat down with my coach [Glen Mills] and we discussed what to do. We always thought this season would be the chance to try something new, like the long jump. But he said that my back is really bad… So we decided to not do the long jump. He talked about trying the 400m but I said, ‘Coach, don’t even go there.’ No way was I going to run all the way around the track. So we decided to concentrate on sprinting and continue dominating.”

Only Cardio Will Make You Lose Weight and Burn Fat Fitness is really big in the sports world. Athletes know that staying in shape is a vital part of having a long and prosperous career. One of the biggest misconceptions of fitness is that you only burn fat by doing cardio workouts. Well, considered this myth busted. Cardio is definitely necessary when it comes to burning fat, but weight training can help just as much. Research shows that building muscle burns fat. That’s why athletes are always in the gym.

Boxers Should Abstain From Sex Before A Fight There are many rules and myths in the sport of boxing. One of the most universal myths in boxing is that a boxer should not have sex while training for a fight. Many trainers and boxers believe that having sex before a fight drains you of energy and makes you less aggressive. On the contrary, having sex raises a mans testosterone levels which in turn can make him more aggressive and decreases tension making him more focused. A little messing around never hurt anybody.

The Super Bowl Brings Huge Economic Benefits To The Host City Every year the Super Bowl is in a different city. Cities with NFL teams place bids and the NFL determines which city is fit to host the Super Bowl. With people from all over the country coming to one city at a specific time, many would believe that the host city will see an economic boost. The most recent Super Bowl took place in Arizona, where the host committee estimated a $500 million economic impact on the state. They significantly missed their mark only reaching about $130 million. That number is very small considering the money needed to pay for stadium renovations, upgrades to the roads and street of the city and the security that they have to bring in for the event.

The Super Bowl “Flush Effect” is Bad For Local Water And Sewage Systems  One of the Super Bowl’s most persistent and some what bizarre myths is the idea that everyone flushes their toilets simultaneously during commercial breaks, the half-time show, and right after the game. This myth has lead many people believe that this could spell trouble for municipal water systems nationwide. A surprisingly large amount of research has been done on this topic, and it does confirm one aspect of the myth. Everyone does flush at once, and it has a noticeable effect on the water supply. In 2011 Palm Beach County found a spike in water usage during halftime of that years Super Bowl game. The following year the same thing happened in New York, where toilet usage increased to 13 percent. It was noted that the water level in the 30 foot deep reservoir decreased by two inches after the contest, but no damage was done at all.

The NBA Draft Lottery Is Rigged The NBA draft is an exciting time for prospects, teams and fans. It’s a chance for teams to rebuild and tweak their rosters for a chance at a championship run. We can’t help but wonder if the draft lottery is rigged. It is believed that the NBA helps certain teams get top players by fixing the lottery. There are plenty of stories involving the NBA commissioner who allegedly shows favor to a team during the lottery, by knowingly picking at team to get the top players. The truth is, angry fans create these conspiracy stories to try to justify their teams short comings.