15 Times Athlete’s Kids Stole the Show

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Athlete’s are constantly in the spotlight. Between the highlight reels they create, the interviews they give and the lifestyles they live, athletes are always in front of cameras. It has to feel good sometimes to have all eyes on you. Although athletes are constantly in the spotlight, their kids seem to be the only ones to steal the show from them. Lately athletes have been bringing their kids with them to press conferences and other events. This has made it easy for their kids to grab all the attention from them. Here are some cases of athlete’s being overshadowed by their kids.

Riley Curry  Steph Curry is this years league MVP. He has led his team the Golden State Warriors to the Finals and is one of the best players to play with. No matter how great Steph is, his daughter Riley out shines him. Riley Curry, Steph’s two-year-old daughter joined him for a post game press conference after Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Curry had 34 points in the Golden State Warriors’ win over the Houston Rockets, but his daughter stole the show with her hand-waving, microphone-hijacking and just general cuteness. Riley came back after the Warriors wrapped up the Western Conference Finals with a quote from Big Sean’s song “Blessed.” Riley wiggled her way in front of the mic at a press conference and recited the line “I’m way up, I feel blessed.”

Milan Pique  Milan Pique is the two-year-old son of international pop star Shakira and Spanish footballer Gerard Pique. With two very famous parents it might be hard to shine, but not for young Milan. After his dad’s team, FC Barcelona, played Deportivo La Coruna to a 2-2 draw, Milan joined his dad on the field to celebrate. Milan ended up stealing the show when he scored his very first goal at Camp Nou. Milan looks like he may take after his dad more than his mom.

Trent Harris  Clark Harris is a long snapper for the Cincinnati Bengals. He has an adorable son named Trent. Two-year-old Trent Harris sang the national anthem at a high school basketball game in New Jersey once, and he nailed it. That is a pretty impressive accomplishment for a two-year-old. After singing the national anthem, Trent became the most famous person in the Harris house even beating his professional football playing day.

The Clipper Kids The Los Angeles Clippers had a pretty successful season this year. They made it to the playoff, but lost in Game 6 during the Western Conference semifinals. Before their season ended, the Clippers players took a break from practice and instead organized a three-on-three game featuring their kids. Chris Paul, Matt Barnes and the other Clippers players cheered there kids on as they ran up and down the court. It’s no surprise that some of them looked pretty comfortable with a basketball in hand.

Jameson Axford Jameson Axford is the two-year-old son of Colorado Rockies pitcher John Axford. Jameson, unfortunately was bitten by a rattlesnake in March and spent four weeks in intensive care. He recovered enough to toss out the first pitch of a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers from his wheelchair. Jameson threw the pitch to his father and brother from a wheel chair, creating a very touching moment.

Sam and Charlie Woods  Tiger Woods is probably not the most liked guy in the world after his cheating scandal. It still didn’t stop him from being the best dad he could possibly be. The Masters Par 3 Contest at Augusta National is an annual event that welcomes golfers’ children, family and friends to take part. Tiger Woods recently participated for the first time since 2004 and brought his children, Charlie and Sam, along with him. Wood’s kids caddied for their dad throughout the day and strolled around the course in the traditional white jumpsuits and hats stealing the spotlight from their dad.

Chris Paul Jr. Chris Paul’s son, Chris Paul Jr. is a press conference veteran. Back in 2012 CP3 brought his son to a post game press conference and Jr. stole the show with his epic “Blake face.” As Chris and Blake were explaining a specific play during the game. Little Chris received much laughter from the entire room while doing his Blake Griffin impersonation.

PJ Rose The Chicago Bulls showed a lot of promise in this years playoffs. Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls were eventually eliminated from the NBA playoffs by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Before being eliminated, Rose was able to bring his two-year-old son to the Game 4 post game press conference. Little P.J. looked great, for starters, sporting a Bulls hat and a Chicago Cubs jersey. PJ didn’t say much but he didn’t have to, his facial expressions said it all.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.  One of the greatest soccer players is also one of the greatest dads. Cristiano Ronaldo and his relationship with his son is the best. Cristiano Jr. truly is a little mini-me of his dad. The elder Ronaldo recently tweeted about the two of them working out together. After winning his third Ballon d’Or, Ronaldo was in the middle of an interview with Portuguese journalist Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa when suddenly, his son crashed the party. The best part about the intrusion was that Jr. was wearing a Superman costume.

Caleb Watson Bubba Watson might have won the 2014 Masters, but no one is really making a big deal about it. What people are really talking about is his two-year-old son Caleb who stole the show during the celebration. Caleb has established himself as his dad’s best fan over the course of the past year. He’s done a tremendous job cheering, watching his dad play on TV when he can’t be there live, and also showing signs that he may be a great player himself one day.

Tim Duncan’s Kids  Tim Duncan is known to be the quiet big man of the San Antonio Spurs. He does most of his talking on the court in the form of rebounds, assists and points scored. His kids on the other hand talk a little bit more than he does. After the Spurs beat the Heat to become the NBA champs, Tim Duncan had his son and daughter with him at the post game press conference. When the press asked the kids a question that’s when it was show time.

Messi and Neymar’s Kids Meet There are few things more adorable than when two young children meeting each other and play. It is even cuter if the kids belong to two of the greatest soccer players who are currently active. Before a match FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi brought his son Thiago to meet Neymar Jr.’s son Davi. This may have been the first of many meeting between the two. They may even grow up to play soccer together like their fathers.

Braylen and Rylen Brees Drew Brees is the qurterback for the New Orleans Saints. He has had an roller coaster of a career making it to the super bowl one year and then being part of one of the worst teams in the NFL in the following years. No matter how he or his team performs on the field, Brees is a devoted father. Brees has been seen playing with his oldest son Baylen on the field after practice. Recently he recorded him self doing push for the troops with his baby daughter strapped to his back. Prepare to be ambushed by cuteness.

David Beckham Sons David Beckham is FIFA royalty. His name is high up on the list of great soccer players. His three sons may have their names up on that list some day. While at a practice session Beckham’s three sons took the field and head on with Swedish soccer star Zlatan Imbrahimoivic and Brazilian star Thiago Silva. The boys seemed to make people forget that their father was even there.

Brady Ftizpatrick Ryan Fitzpatrick is the quarterback for the New York Jets. He was formerly a member of the Texas Texans. While at a press conference in Texas, he had his son by the podium with him. Some how the entire press conference got off the topic of sports and Brady became the focal point. Brady stole the show by showing off his math skills in front of the reporters.