15 Times Sports Got Sexy

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Sports are very entertaining, to the people playing and to those who are spectators. As a spectator you can see a lot of different things that no one else can notice. You can can see how sexy certain sports really are, or how sexy they can be. With the right people participating in the right sport, things can get sexy on or off the field or court. Below are some examples of some otherwise not so sexy sports like soccer, skateboarding, and weight lifting, being shown in a new perspective with the help of some sexy ladies.

Pin Ball Girls  I am not sure if these girls are just taking a break from their gym work out or if they are participating in an extremely sexy pinball competition. Either way I would not mind being these ladie’s work out partner. Their toned arms and abs serve as a motivation for anybody to get in shape. You will need be in tip top shape to stand a chance with these girls.

Sexy Manchester United Girl Manchester United is one of the most popular and loved soccer teams in England. Aside from being a dominant team with all-star players like Robin Van Persies and Wayne Rooney, the Red Devils have some pretty sexy fans. This model, for example is a die hard fan and probably one of the sexiest fans the team has. Her love for the team and sport of soccer shows in how fit and sexy she is in the teams locker room.

Bending Over Backwards Most athletes have to be limber and flexible to avoid injury while playing a sport. Some athletes are more flexible that others. The women in the photo above is a perfect example. If I had to guess, she is a gymnast. That amount of flexibility needed to bend over backwards, can only be managed by a gymnast. The amount of clothes needed to be sexy while bending over backwards can only be managed by the women in this photo.

Yoga Technically, yoga isn’t a sport, but many athletes, college students and stay at home moms practice it for many reasons. Some people do yoga to find inner peace others do yoga to keep their body limber and nimble. Twisting and contorting your body in different ways could look unappealing sometimes. Some people like this lovey lady makes yoga look sexy.

Pole Dancing Pole Dancing has always been a sexy activity, but is not really considered a sport. It was once an activity practiced only be strippers and exotic dancers, and was only sexy in the eyes of men. Now pole dancing is used as a way for women who have more corporate jobs to get in shape and explore their wild side without exposing them selves. Women can find a pole dancing class almost any where and with enough practice you can take pictures like the one above.

Lifting Weights The results of weight training is bulging muscles and an overall admirable physique. Lifting weight is an Olympic sport that garners much respect. The process of weight training is not that appealing. In the gym people usually are seen sweating profusely sweating and scrunching their faces, even to the point where veins are popping out of their head and arms. Rarely do you see someone looking sexy while weight training, like this beauty who is displaying the strength in her legs while looking serious, but sexy.

Figure Skating  Figure Skating is a global sport that is taken very seriously. Parents put their kids in ice skates at the earliest age possible in hope that their child will bring home an Olympic gold medal. It is a rigorous sport that requires the body to be fine tuned. Being that figure skating requires you to be on your feet majority of the time, your legs and hind quarters will be in the best shape like this wonderfully shaped skater.

Obstacle Course Runner There is nothing like a women who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. All over the world obstacle courses have been popping up challenging everyone to try and conquer it. One of the most famous being the Spartan Race. These courses are usually full of macho men who wan to show off their strength and athletic ability. Some times you can see a women hanging tough and if you’re lucky enough they will be just as sexy as the one above.

Surfer Chick Surfing is a sport that a lot of people would like to do but are to afraid to try. It is a male dominated sport, but don’t think their aren’t any surfer girls that attack the waves and look better than the guys. There is nothing like seeing a gorgeous woman in a bikini emerging from the ocean glistening with a surf board in hand. If you need convincing, please refer to the picture above.

Hiking  The television show has The Amazing Race is literally cross country racing. The show has inspired many people to travel across the continents for adventure and for sport. Roughing the terrain is physically demanding, but a great experience. Hiking up mountains and down valleys with a sexy companion like the one pictured above makes the trip more enjoyable.

Running  Running is a very basic and fundamental, but effective form of exercise. Long distance running also known as cross country running , and sprinting are sports that are respected due to the endurance need to be successful in it. To some running can get mundane, especially if you run the same course over and over, but when you see someone as sexy as the women above, running becomes the best way to stay active and in shape.

Stretching  Before playing any sport or rigorous activity you’ll usually see athletes stretching. Stretching allows the body to loosen up and release the tension in the muscles to prevent cramps and injury. Stretching can also be sexy as demonstrated above. The activity keeps you limber and allows you to move your body with ease.

Bikini Babe I can’t tell if this sexy beach babe is a swimmer, possibly a decathlon participant or if she plays beach volley ball. She definitely has the body to do both. Both sports are rigorous and require a lot of time and training. That means they spend a lot of time on the beach , getting tanned and sometimes take sexy photos like this one.

Skateboarding Skateboarding is considered an extreme sport. To some, like this bikini babe it is a means of transportation. A lot of older people get a little infuriated when someone on a skateboard flies past them on the sidewalk. I don’t know too many people, especially guys would be mad if they seen her riding past on a board. She even has a cool tattoo.

Cycling Cycling is another sport that is extremely physically demanding. Men and women ride bikes for miles even crossing countries. Most of the training takes place on a stationary exercise bike like the one pictured. Most cyclist wear tight spandex shorts and shirts, but the women in the picture opted to wear less. If cyclist were this sexy there would probably be more accidents due to distraction.