15 Yoga Pants Fails

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Yoga pants are considered to be active wear or athletic apparel. Made specifically for women who are into practicing yoga. Lululemon is the most famous brand and manufacturer of yoga pants. Yoga pants have made such a big splash in society. The state of Montana almost passed a law banning anyone from wearing yoga pants. Many people wear yoga pants out of context which allows me to make a list like this. For every person that looks good in yoga pants, there are five people that look bad wearing yoga pants. Here are some examples of how not to look in yoga pants.

See Through Yoga Pants  Yoga pants can come in different types of material. Some are made of a heavy material, and other are made from more lighter material. Sometimes the material is so light that it is see through creating a yoga pants fail for the person wearing them. She was probably beyond embarrassed when she finally realized everyone could see her undies. If it was a guy who tool this picture, he wouldn’t consider this to be a fail.

Panty Lines Showing  Yoga pants are supposed to be form fitting but not so tight that they reveal every line. I’m not sure what type of underwear women are suppose to wear under yoga pants, but this picture makes me think regular panties aren’t it. A thong might be more suitable. That way you won’t look so tacky. Those boots don’t help either.

Not for Fashion  As a man, I even know that there is a difference between Yoga pants and leggings. Yoga pants are for athletic use. Yoga pants are active wear, to be worn while excising, specifically for yoga. Obviously that memo missed this lady, who thinks yoga pants are all purpose pants. That’s just not the case. This is just a fashion no no.

Be in Shape  Fitness is a goal for everyone. Only some people actually put forth effort and actively pursue their goal of fitness. The people who aren’t as active in pursuing fitness probably don’t look too good in yoga pants. Don’t set your self up for failure by stuffing yourself in yoga pants when you don’t have the body for it yet. I suggest wearing regular sweat pants until you start seeing results.

Yoga Shorts? When yoga pants fit you like yoga shorts, that should be a sign that you should not be wearing them. The woman in this picture is violating the sanctity on yoga pants. Yoga pants are suppose to cut off below the knees at the middle of the shin and calf or reach your ankles. In this picture the yoga pants barely cover the thigh and there are panty lines showing.

Muscle Design Yoga Pants I don’t know whose ideas this was, but somebody should have let that person that is was not a good one. Having a design on our yoga pants is fine, but please be sensible about the design you choose. In this picture the yoga pants are kind of creepy. The design in the muscle anatomy of the legs and they look weird. To make things even worst she looks like she is wearing them to a club instead of the gym.

Wedgie  If you find yourself constantly pulling wedgies out of your butt, then maybe yoga pants are not for you. It is possible that you are getting them a size too small. You’re suppose to feel comfortable in yoga pants not constantly pull them out the crack of your butt. It is difficult to ignore. Sometimes yoga pants wedgies and be sexy and other time they’re not, either way it’s not suppose to happen.

Camel Toe  Some women who wear yoga pants have to worry about get in a wedgie in the front instead of the back. This is called a “camel toe” because it resembles the foot of a camel. This occurs if the pants are too tight or if you move your body into a certain position. Having an apparent camel toe can be a little embarrassing for the ladies. That’s why they have to make sure their yoga pants fit in all the right places.

Period Stain This is the ultimate yoga pants fail on this list. Yoga pants come in all types of colors, which allow women to coordinate and mix and match with their tops and shoes. When you wear light colored yoga pants like white, or yellow, please beware of “Aunt Flow.” The women in this picture obviously didn’t expect it to come when it did. Now she has ruined a good pair of yoga pants.

Holey Yoga Pants  Where do I begin with this one. For starters the person wearing the yoga pants could have made a better choice. She has an excessive amount of her body bulging from over the top of her pants and the biggest violation is the hole that she has in the back of her pants. If there is one thing that no one should do is wear holey yoga pants.

Way too Much  Most women who wear yoga pants have curves the fill them out nicely. That makes yoga pants fun for guys. There are women who may have too much for yoga pants to hold. It is amazing that the woman in the picture above was able to find yoga pants to fit into. I really don’t like telling people what they should or should not wear, but she should not be wearing yoga pants.

Man in Yoga Pants  This yoga pants fail should never be a common problem. Men don’t wear yoga pants. That is a fact. Men wear compression pants and they usually wear them under basketball shorts. It would just be weird to walk into a yoga class and see men wearing the same yoga pants as women.

Stay Away From Nude Color Your body shape will determine if you are a candidate for yoga pants, but that doesn’t stop people from putting them on. This woman took things a step further by wearing the nude colored yoga pants. The nude colored yoga pants matches the persons skin tone and makes it appear as if they have no clothes on. It didn’t work out for this lady, she just looks bad. I’m pretty sure no one sat next to her on the train.

Old People in Yoga Pants There is no age restriction for yoga pants. People of all ages can enjoy the comfort and flexibility of yoga pant. From babies to senior citizens. When you get to a certain age the regular solid color yoga pants may be the best way to go if you don’t want to look like this lady here. She should know better not to walk out the house like that.

Sack of Potatoes A function of yoga pants is to hold everything in place. Some people put more than they should in their yoga pants. For example, this lady at a Walmart grocery store should not be wearing yoga pants. They make her legs look like lumpy cottage cheese or a sack of potatoes. This is never a pleasant sight.