Some of the Most Sexiest, Mind Blowing Moments in Sports

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In the world of sports things can get pretty unpredictable. Many events may not even happen in the arena. This is where an athletes personality really shines. Sometimes these moments necessarily don’t always involve athletes, but happen in sporting areas. Some moments were laughable others received some backlash. The following list is some of the most sexiest, mind blowing moments in sports.

Alex Morgan Dresses As Miley Cyrus

Last year during Halloween, USA women’s soccer teammates Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan dressed up as Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus from that years VMA’s performance. Leroux is wearing a black and white striped cat suit, while Morgan has the full Miley Cyrus ensemble, including the foam finger. There is even a vine clip where Morgan give a little twerk action. This shows that even Olympic gold medalist like to take a break from training to have a little fun.

Anastasia Ashley Twerks

One of the surprising discoveries was a video surfer Anastasia Ashley gyrating around on the beach. When asked about her dance moves she said that it was part of her normal warm up routine. She later reveals that she likes to go out and dance a lot. There is nothing wrong with busting a move before hitting the waves.

Texans Cheerleaders freestyle Fridays

NFL cheerleaders are not just active during their team’s home games. Take the Houston, Texans cheerleaders for example. Every Friday after practice the ladies of the Texans cheer squad record a video of themselves dancing around. They do this to keep the fans engaged with the team and to spread some cheer in the community. You can watch all there videos on Youtube.

Dolphins Cheerleaders Make a Parody of “Blurred Lines” and “Call Me Maybe”

The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders know how to have fun as well. The ladies did a parody of Carely Rae Jensen’s “Call Me Maybe” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. They have more video parodies and all of them look better than the original. It’s hard to take your eyes of the screen when the Dolphins cheerleaders are on the screen. Catch these videos on their Youtube channel.

Packers Fans Debut the Cheese Bra

The Green Bay Packers have a wide and loyal fan base. One any given Sunday, Lambeau Field is filled with cheese heads. The foam hat that is shaped to look like a slice of cheese is a staple in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Not too long ago a couple of lady cheese heads debuted the cheese bra. It’s a great way to celebrate your team and do so without getting cheese head hair.


Maria Sharapova Plays Beer Pong

In 2012, tennis superstar Maria Sharapova made an appearance on the “Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon”. On the show she talked about her Olympic experience and her French Open win that year, but the sexiest part of that show was her playing beer pong. Watching a beautiful 6’’ 1’ woman in heels play beer pong is a fantasy for some.

Kate Upton Dances Around during SI Photoshoot

Once an equestrian, Kate Upton has transitioned to the modeling world effortlessly. When you look like Kate Upton the camera just seems to find its way to you. She is one of Sports Illustrated’s go to models, but what happens behind the scenes may interest you more. This past May a video of Upton dancing around during a SI photo shoot hit the internet. We love Kate Upton even more now.

Rounda Rousey signs UFC contract

In 2012 Ronda Rousey made history by becoming the first women ever to sign a UFC contract as a fighter. This opened the door for many other women who were MMA fighters. Rousey has appeared in the movie, The Expendables 3 and will make an appearance in the upcoming Fast and Furious 7. She is considered the number 1 female MMA fighter by more than enough publications, which breeds much competition. A woman who can kick ass is bad-ass.

Samantha Steele

When ESPN got rid of Erin Andrews, we thought the combination of sports and eye candy was gone forever. Fortunately for us she was replaced by Samantha Steele, now Samantha Ponder. Samantha knows sports, which is a prerequisite for her job, but it still shows how amazing of a women she is.

Meghan Hardin from TV to Tour

Meghan Hardin is a professional golfer on the LPGA tour and once you see her you’ll know why she is a model to. Meghan Hardin was introduced to the world through the show Big Break on the Golf Channel but was eliminated early. She was then invited back Big Break NFL, where she lasted a little longer on the show. She participated in many mini tours before landing on the LPGA tour.


Maria Menounos Wear Giants Bikini While Hosting Extra

Maria Menounos is an Extra correspondent that found herself on the end of a losing bet. Her lose turned out to be a win for the networks ratings. When the Giants beat her favorite team the Patriots is Super Bowl XLVI, the next day Menounos wore a Giants colored bikini in the middle of Times Square. She looked absolutely sexy. Even co-hosts Mario Lopez and AJ Calloway gave her compliments on her body.

Michelle Jenneke Warm Up Dance Routine

When it comes to fun warm up routines, Michelle Jenneke takes the cake. The Australian track star was all hip rocking and spirit fingers before running the 100 meter hurdles in Barcelona. I guess dancing around a little bit helps because she came in first place. Michelle aka Shelly is also a model and with a smile and body that moves like that why wouldn’t she be.

Janet Jackson Nip Slip

Janet Jackson is the reason why there is a seven second delay on live broadcast. During the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII, half of America’s dream came true. Janet Jackson was performing with Justin Timberlake when a “wardrobe malfunction” exposed her right breast. The country went into an uproar about the whole thing and now Super Bowl halftime shows have been safe and boring since then.

Kate Upton’s Banned Super Bowl Ad

The wouldn’t be a sexy list if Kate Upton did make more than one appearances. This time for a Super Bowl ad dubbed to ranchy for TV. To promote their new Southwest Patty Melt, Hardee’s hired Kate Upton to be the focal point of the commercial. The ad takes place at a drive in movie theatre where Kate gets hot and bothered by eating the sandwich.

Paulina Gretzky Social Media Frenzy

The oldest daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, Paulina Gretzky is a selfie queen. Her Instagram account has over 300,000 followers. She has photos of herself looking sexy swim suits, evening attire and pretty much everything else. Before you guys get anxious she also has pictures of her boyfriend and a recent picture of herself admiring her baby bumb.

All cheerleaders and their hair whips!

Whenever a runner gets up to the starting blocks!